Friday, March 26, 2010

What does myth fashion look like?

Question here from Roslyn Moonglade
HEY friendly!!
Im roslyn moonglade level31 myth, and i was wondering if you could send the pictures of myth clothes with the sign on them? if you could i would love it thanks!!

Hmm fashion question, eh?

These ladies certainly are working their "legendary" fashion statements today folks, first down the runway is Bianca . . . never mind the orchid poking out of her head and the grey and beige earth tones that she's rocking, it's the myth symbol that accents her beautiful tummy tuck that we're looking at. Second is Chartreuse, scary metallics and wild quilt patterns gone to a grateful dead concert and back are raging here, but of course, the myth symbol ties it all together. She definitely looks like a woman about to cast a cyclops if I've ever seen one. Third on the runway today is Candice, Candice makes a bold myth statement wearing her black and yellow spring dress and a box hat that says "party on the go." But the myth symbol accentuating her hips and near invisible waistline are what we think makes this outfit take it to the next level. Finally we have Nibblet, Nibblet is screaming little red Corvette with her speed racer meets polka dot world outfit. The myth symbols on her outfit are really telling us who this gal drives for, Kingsisle. Word.

. . .

Oh wait, you wanted maybe clothes with myth symbols on them from the game?

Hmmm . . .

Well, here's a few I found at the bazaar and in my backpacks (you may want to click on this picture to make it bigger).

So on the top there we have the Ahnic's Cloak, which actually might be my favorite of the bunch. Next down is Krokhotep's Cloak. Third is the Sneak's Puzzling Robes. Finally, The Forest Spirit's Cloak.

Those might be some good ones to farm up if you're looking for myth symbol clothes. I'm sure my readers may have some suggestions for clothes with myth symbols on them as well. Readers?

ALSO, don't forget (as long as we're talking fashion) the Wizard101 Zazzle Store!

You know you want to be sporting a myth symbol hoodie, yo!

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

Um, how bout just grand gear..? Liking lady #1 rock on! LOL...

alex deathshade said...

i was a complete dork and stiched onto a myth jester robe and i STILL dont have enough to die it black on white.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Can't remember, other than the robe being the puzzling one you showed, what my Myth Grand is wearing. I know her hat is awesome, looks like a I want to say it either came from Yakedo or Youkai, I know it's a more rare hat anyway. And the boots I have for her are one of those that fold over at the top and tie down in front. The outfit looks really cute, but I'm sure this is no help :-/
If I was home I could probably find where I wrote the names down
I like the sorta fancy looking clothes with the symbols on them, though. It's a lot more interesting than looking like everyone else. I just stitch my higher level stats into the fancy low-level stuff. Nothing special about the Grand gear...looks like everyone else and every wanna be is wearing those now.
Maybe I can find that info tomorrow and post it here when I am home, will at least give a link for a pic then, but hands are tied for now.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Oh, BTW, that zazzle stuff is nice, but to me it makes no sense at all to pay separate shipping on everything! I wish KI would have used Cafepress instead. I have used them before to sell some art I did on things and they do not charge separate shipping per item. This is the reason I have never bought any of that zazzle stuff.

Sierra Starsong said...

My Myth wiz has that Krok cloak in a different color scheme, also boots and hats with the Myth symbols, so I've posted them on my blog:

Matthew said...

The myth sprockets robe has the myth sign on it too.

Luke Goldfist said...

It's not related, but could you give out yor true friends code? Oh and if you see a wizard named Luke Goldfist that is life and lvl 34 or up thats me. Thanks

Heather Emeraldflame said...

As promised, and sorry so late :-/
Here's a pic of my Myth Grand's clothes, at my blog.
I love the hat most, but always love the shoe style there.And I love the robe for the cape.