Friday, March 12, 2010

Do speed boots and mounts stack?

I have a question here from Ronan "Nails" Ravenshard:
Got a question for tom. Speed shoes and mount both on, double increase in speed or no? Thanks, Ronan Ravenshard.

Interesting question, Nails. I actually do have an old pair of those run shoes, check me out!

Those Boots of the Comet are spiffy looking! I could almost be a friend of Ironman with those things on. (I AM IRONMAN!)

So, I "ran" a few tests. aha! AHAHAHAHA! Get it? "Ran"? Ahem, anyway, one test involved getting in the same spot and running circles by pressing the up and left arrows simultaneously on both the main computer and the laptop: once with boots and once without. yeah, all that test seemed to do was make me dizzy. Kyle and I eventually ended up on differing paths either way, but what was really strange was this effect that made it look like Kyle was running circles around Thomas or weaving in and out, ahead and behind. Analysis: I don't think you run true circles (/boggle) and/or we run tighter circles the faster we go and/or our trajectories might be off? It also seemed like Thomas wasn't really "gaining" on Kyle with the boots, but, it was hard to tell . . . I think lag tended to mess up any kind of quasi-scientific approach I was trying to take.

I also "ran" a test with Wolf Redfist last night (and separately with the wife too . . . don't want her to feel left out) where we tried racing from the spiral door to Zeke in the Basilica. It was really hard trying to sync the timing of our starts. I looked in the lead on my screen and Wolf looked in the lead on his screen. Wolf noted that sometimes I looked "bugged" and would jump ahead of him and then return. So that test wasn't really working either. The lag between computers last night continued to be like the kid who contaminates your science project so you get a bad grade.

(Ooo, that guy thinks he's such a cool rebel science kid!)

So, I emailed Greyrose. Greyrose checked with the coders, and they confirmed that run boots and wing percentages stack.

So I guess they do.

However, actually proving that they do in game seems difficult. It kind of goes back to the old complaint when Boots of the Comet went into the game . . . when it's only 8 percent or 4 percent, no one can really tell. It's that slim of a difference.

So "double" your speed? No. Add 8 percent to your speed? Ok.

I'd like to see those percentages adjusted. If Boots of the Comet were more along the lines of 15 percent, then I think we'd see a difference.

Happy Dueling!


David Crownbuyer said...

I guess the next question is how do you get those cool speed boots... :)

Anonymous said...

Answer: you either get them from malistaire as a super rare drop or you shell out 5,000+ crowns for them at the wizard city shoe shop in the shopping district!

Sierra Starsong said...

Nice in-game shot, looks like you're hovering in an antigrav field. Cool!

Heather said...

Got my boots from Malistaire, never have used them as I rarely am looking to race as much as I need to be ready to fight and would lose health from wearing speed boots and have to catch health while I change to regular fighting boots before each Plus the speed boots don't look as nice on girl wizards :-/
But I do wish if they were going to change percentages on the boots that they would make the Meowmodon equal to other mounts as well. Sorry, but with the 10% difference I have been able to tell a difference with that mount whenever I try to follow a friend on another mount...though I still love my white tiger :)

Wandering Conjurer said...

Uh-oh Ronan, looks like you will forever be know as "nails" now...

Anonymous said...

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