Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ding 11 on Moshi Monsters! YES!

Our family all likes to play a little browser game every once in a while called Moshi Monsters. I'm on a free account, so I don't have a lot of awesome pets because I can only have two in my house and one in my garden. If I was a member, I could have five pets in my house, and I put the rest of them into my zoo. My daughter is a member! She rocks. (Or ROX as they would say on Moshi Monsters) I'll talk more about her later, but for now, check out my Moshi Pad yo! (click on it to make it a bigger image)

I had to kind of piece 3 or 4 screenshots together to get a large landscape view of my room like that. Eventually I want to get this place just BESTUFFED (that's my new invented word from yesterday) with items.

Things you might have seen going on from that picture is that . . . my happiness is down /sob. I was wondering why I wasn't feeling so hot in real life; now I know: not enough Moshi. That happiness bar goes down when you haven't had much play time. My money is kind of low too. That's because I spent most of it on food to get me healthy again. Also, did you check out that level 10 club banner? WOOT! In Moshi land that's a huge badge of honor. All the cool kids make it to level 10, yo. In fact, I'm now level 11, which makes me the FIRST in the family to make level 11, YES! TAKE THAT KIDS! MUHAHAHA!

But I can't gloat for long . . . You might have also seen that I have 54 friends. Well, that's cool and all, but my daughter is up in the 300+ range. This happened mostly because one of her friends lucked out and happened to become the monstar of the week. OH MY WORD! That gal has about 3000+ friends. When her friend got monstar of the week, then my daughter's friends list went crazy as well. Monstar of the week seems to have some sort of trickle down effect as even I got a few extra friends myself because of it. (She talks a bit about Wizard101, MM, and other things on her blog)

I have to say that the one blog post about Moshi Monsters before this one has brought a few extra friends to my list. LOL! Every once in a while I'll get a friend invite that says, "I SAW YOU ON GOOGLE!!!!!" haha. Well I'm no monstar in Moshi Monsters, but I am in the Wizard101 world, so maybe that helped my Google statistics for Moshi monsters a bit. ;-)


OH! And if you want to visit my pad, click on my pets, and leave me a post it note, click here and check it out for yourself!

Happy Moshi Monstering!


Anonymous said...

What do you have against badgers?

Anonymous said...

xD very....interesting, Friendly!