Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Analysis of Pictures from Press Release

Ok, so the pictures that accompanied the Press Release about Celestia did not come through when I tried to send them in. They might have been too beefy in size.

Regardless, here they are:

(You can click on those to make them bigger . . . you know . . . save them to your desktop as a background or something.)

And now, let's break those pictures apart and do the analyze thing! First up, the Celestia pictures:

I believe this says "where is celestia" . . . so, someone is trying to find celestia by using a map and compass to mathematically track down celestia. Cool.

This picture has the words "Theirs is a wanton life" (a wanton life is one that is wild or unruly I do believe.) So this is some kind of overgrown or wild environment we are seeing here. Notice that the lines on the picture of the large dome indicate this is a photo from within the dome, and yet it is still watery inside. Interesting.

I believe the words here say, "Celestia Underwater fortress." Perhaps this is a glimpse at the large celestia housing?

Here we have a rock with a spiral on it and something else, two or three circles that are laying on the border or outside of the spiral. Perhaps this is like an outer undiscovered layer of the spiral?

8/7 . . . I'm not sure what this is supposed to denote, but that is a strange fraction indeed. What we are seeing with Celestia is the seventh world on the spiral. How does the 8 work into the equation. Is this the eighth zone of the seventh world on the spiral? Interesting.

**UPDATE** Most of the comments seem to indicate this may be the release date: August 7th. **UPDATE**

Thems some big pinchers, yup. I can't make out the writing AT ALL on this page. I like the look of those weapons. I'm kind of reminded of the spears you can get in Mooshu.

Astral magic symbols obviously . . . it's very interesting how the astral magic school is somehow connected to the balance school though. Perhaps there is something to the balance school being a gateway to the astral schools?

New wands! I love new wands! I wonder if this is an example of the wands we will find in celestia.

I don't know about you guys, but that looks like a big tower. A big 17 level tower, yup. I fear that instance already.

This looks like a diver's helmet to me. I think we've got some deep sea diving ahead of us, my friends.

The other picture I'm not going to dissect as much. I would like to call attention to the Dr. Katzenstein type character, meaning that these experiments will probably be conducted in Marleybone. I would also like to point out that we have a piggle and a baby something (boglin?) combining into an egg.

Perhaps we will place two of our pets into seats and see what kind of egg we get from them. I'm instantly reminded of the pets on Moshi Monsters. In Moshi Monsters you attract pets by planting 3 seeds and trying to grow a certain combination of flowers. This maybe could work the same way as that.

I'd also like to draw attention to the stars and moons on the back wall. Perhaps we are harnessing the power of astral magic to make these strange combinations?

So many interesting things going on in these pictures here.

What are your theories?

Happy Dueling!


SorionHex said...

Yeah dude! I JUST found these at West Karana like 30 minutes ago. I'm about to go post about this. This is EPIC, I really want the new schools. And of course Celestia itself. Hopefully we get the housing early unlike Grizzleheim.

SorionHex said...

Oh Friendly, btw. That fraction is obviously the release date ^_^ July 8th, 2010 as July is in the middle of summer ^_^

SorionHex said...

Eh whoops I mean July 7, 2010. Which is a Wednesday! I hope I'm right xD

SorionHex said...

Gah sorry man! xD Ironic because August is my birthday but yeah I have the dates wrong... It's most likely then, August 7 xD 3 days after my B-day! xD Whoah I think I've taken up a lost of comment posts >_>

Morgrim said...

Err... 8/7 would be August 7th, since KingsIsle is a US company and we in the US write our dates backwards compared to most of the world. Having it in August fits better with the mention of "late" summer.

The pet picture looks an awful lot like a Pokemon center. I also guess that having a cat as a positive character will make some people happy. Maybe it's just the hairless cats that are evil?

Edward Icespear said...

Thanks for taking the time to blow this stuff up, makes it easier for my to cut stuff. HEHE!

JK - Not really, anyways thanks for breaking the info down.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

What doesn't make sense then is that the press release said this would start in June!?!?! Unless the date/fraction means that the real "meat" of the story wouldn't come until a month or two later...I donno.

Nice job getting some bigger pics to be able to analyze them! I do love the wand object too! I just hope the other thing wouldn't be a wand, looks like a can opener to

I'm not sure a character conducting experiments on other animals could really be called a positive? But I like the cat, he looks friendly anyway =^..^=

Oddly enough my mom plays pokemon games, I do not. And when I just told her about all this yesterday the first thing she said was it was like with how you grow the pokemon, make them stronger, etc.

I had wondered if maybe they called this place, which is underwater, Celestia because like other worlds in the spiral it has been taken over by unnatural inhabitants to that world(you know, like how it's Krokotopia instead of Mandertopia?). Maybe there is something to the whole "aliens" thing? I wonder if the crab people are friendly or not? Maybe we have to help them cause they are being invaded? I'm probably wrong, but it's just thoughts.

I am also happy to see the new school symbols and them connecting to Balance, somehow...maybe?! I was wondering the other day if Balance would receive a set of shields for these schools as they have ones for every other school, except their own(oddly enough.)

I hope you are wrong on the tower...ugh! *hates towers* To me there is no purpose to towers, it's just battle after battle with no real story, unless it's like the Counterweights and Big Ben(which are technically dungeons,) at least there is some story to those. In my opinion it really proves nothing to do a tower, only that you can kill things over and over...big

For us crafters, I hope that there might be some new crafting, not quests, but recipes, from this new world. I am about out of things to craft xD

Luke Goldfist said...

Hi Friendly, that unknown creature that was in the chair reminded me of a gobbler, what do you think?

The Powerful Juan said...

I think the fraction means this is the seventh world out of 8?

Sierra Starsong said...

@Friendly - That same Boglin's sitting on a bookshelf in our house!

@SorionHex - My first thought too was that 8/7 was a date, August 7th.

@Heather - I'll second you, thanks Friendly on getting us bigger pix! I was already using the smaller version as my work desktop in an effort to blow it up. As for June, that's when they said we'd start getting the first quests that open the new storyline and lead to Celestia later in the summer.

@Friendly - In that "wanton life" pic, the posts on either side of that doorway to the right look a lot like the Viridian Scepter from the April Pokemon mag. Astral magic tied to Balance school, doesn't the guy you rescue from Briskbreeze tower say something about a coming challenge in Krokotopia (home of the Balance school)?

Bailey said...

LOL! Love the Boglin!! Must be a celistia pet because they attack under water (like in friendly's pool back in high school).
WOW... Sorion and Friendly share the same B-day? PAAAARRRRTAAAY:D *searches ebay for a boglin*

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@Sierra: Right, that's what I was saying when I said it would "start" in June, the storyline, not the actual world of Celestia. But that we would start being pointed in that direction within the game at that point. It just makes no sense, to me at least, that a date would be indicated for only one event in the series of the events(new things) being introduced. But it's very possible that maybe it does mean August for Celestia itself...we won't know until more news comes or it just happens :)

@Juan: The fraction is upside-down then?!?!
From what I have read in interviews, they will keep making new worlds and stuff until people lose

Mike said...

I read in the wizard101 homepage all about the new stuff. The symbols clearlly state the three new schools, the moon is dark, the sun is light, and i have no clue as to what the star means. If you want to learn more about the upcoming events for wizard101, like your pets dueling alongside you. Just copy and paste this address,

and you can learn all about it. Hope this helped! :D

Jessica said...

When we talk about Celestia, sometimes I feel as if it's another game. It's so new!

Justin said...

8/7 - August 7, 2010?

Garrett Dayhand said...

In my opinion i think the wands will be like big, coral sticks and the staffs tridents because of the Greek legends of Posiedon God of the sea and since Celestia is underwater. I also think that big crab thing might be the big boss in Celestia

Anonymous said...

the 8/7 probaly means eighth month seventh day friendly

Eli Maffei said...

Hey Friendly Necromancer! I painted that desktop image and cant thank you enough for your interest. I really appreciate the time you took to try and figure out all the little details in the image. All of us at kingsisle sincerely hope we deliver a fun game and world for you guys. Cheers!

witchwarrior said...

the other picture's date: 2/6
Maybe if the number was switched it would be 6/2. hmmm

Wolf MoonSinger said...

Hey Friendly,

If you look at the map more closely you'll see that there are three dotted lines converging on Balance: Top line are spirit schools. Middle line are elemental schools. Bottom line are (I assume) Celestial/Astral schools.

The dotted lines continue away from these three school tiers as well and off the page: Myth to the right, Ice to the upper left, Moon to the left, Sun to the bottom.

If Balance is the absolute center of all (as the graphic suggests), then the four lines leading away could very well be opposing schools for balance. It makes a great deal of sense to me that one of those would be Chaos magic; probably leading off from Death/Myth to the right.

Also a theory on your 17 tier tower idea. If the spiral is equivalent to the Dragon Titan, then that might just be the dragon's spine. The blueprint matches the rock spiral design exactly (even the angle of it).


Wolf MoonSinger (aka Katami on Central; the guy that started this thread:

Grayson said...

I know for a fact that the spears aren't from Mooshu, they're from Grizzleheim.

Anonymous said...

I see something weird,the rock,map,and the wand all have the same marks,the spiral with the extra circles.and the crab man fits with the pet thing because there is a crab holding a spear in the Ravenwood Newsletter announcement.I think that the rock is coordinates to finding Celestia,and that the fraction might mean two things:one,the date of release is 8/7/10,or that originally,they meant Celestia to be the eighth world out of seven thought to be the only ones...

M.W.S said...

Yay! Go balance!

dakota silverbane said...

obviously, just like the numbers 8/7 are linked to late summer and the date, it also said the quests come in june, which on the other picture it says 2/6 which would be the date: june 2nd, and it could be that the date corrosponds to the picture so that would mean the celestia fortress thing in the picture would be in the test realm or in the original game on june second, while the place in the first picture would come out on august. and the guess about the moon and stars in the hatchery with the cat, were also decorations on some other housing to so it may not be that they absorb the 2 magics. and the 2 pets i know one was a piggle and the other could be a baby gobbler or something you meet in celestia. and maybe that level or tower thing, to me looked like stairs, so maybe they would be stairs, or a pipe leading to celsetia. the residents of celestia would pprobably be very intelligent like the dogs in marleybone, because of the watch the guy in firecat alley talked about, and the bases underwater. the ancient being comment about the pets could be reffering to the great battle between the tritons, dragons, and the best, frost giants. celestia is going to be the biggest thing ever on wizard101!

Evan said...

"Starting in June players can undertake new quests to discover the secrets of this new world and begin to unlock the story behind Celestia." quote from the newsletter, so it should open in june

Anonymous said...

ok so you said that the balance school is the gate that is somewhat incorrect. that is a diagram like the triangles that show the schools there is a third triangle called astral magic the dashed lines connect them to other triangles so all the triangles are connecting to balance and there are also 2 more dashed lines that are connected to something covered up by the items on the diagram so there are other triangles coming....... cant wait

Artur Ghostmancer said...

If it is really released on 8/7, thats only... 3 more days? Only three more days? Obviously its 3 more days! Only 3 more days! :)