Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can you solve the puzzle of the chalkboard?

I have here an intense question from Blaze Silverfist:
Over on the central, a few of us are trying to solve a mystery. MLHagan started a thread (Here) talking about the story of Balance magic. We quickly started trying to translate the hieroglyphics on the chalkboard in the Balance school, as there may be story that KI has intended for us to find. So far we have had no luck. ML has tried solving it as a cryptograph, searching for a Rosetta Stone of some sort, pretty much everything. We are all very curious as to what it says. We've also noticed some strange symbols all around KT. There are numerous mysteries trying to be solved in this thread. Anyway, I was wondering if you would like to try and help us solve these.

I recently read your post talking about who won the Great War, and I had an idea. I'll cut to the chase, and spare you from a super long e-mail, about me and the others trying to do this. I was wondering if you would like to try and help us solve these. I think it would make a great series for your amazing blog (such as: Friendly's Balanced Adventures?)
Wow, Blaze. This thread is pretty amazing, and I'm flattered you think I'm that smart or have that much time. LOL! MLHagen has put in a lot of hours and seems to have things pretty under control there. I will say that I surfed around a lot trying to see if I could help even a little. I even e-mailed Greyrose and showed her my open jaw at the sheer amazement at the work that's gone into translating a few of these hieroglyphics. (My attempt was to no avail mind you. Unfortunately they're not hip to just handing over spoilers to anyone) My word the HOURS of work in that thread are astounding!

While I was surfing around, I did find a pretty amazing website that covers a lot of ground with Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Someone could have a lot of fun from the links off this website writing messages to people.

I tried to get a translation of friendly necromancer off of this website and couldn't translate it correctly, but "death friend" gave me this:

nice . . . Looks like a couple dudes playing golf and maybe a bird came and stole one of their golf balls. I dig that.

I tried awesome sauce and that didn't work, but awesome taste did:

Nice . . . looks like a party of two at an ancient Egyptian cafe and the waiter is in the back sampling their food. I'm digging. Mmm . . . hmmm!

I believe someone on the three millionth page of that thread said something like it appeared that half of the characters were real and half of the characters were made up. That seems plausible and would definitely increase the complexity of this puzzle ten-fold.

I also liked how MLHagen pondered KI putting a puzzle as complex as hieroglyphics translation into a videogame meant for tweens (you know, 'cause this translation stuff is usually left up to the stuffy professors with long nose hair and a smell of sour library stink upon them). I liked ML's assertion that perhaps the puzzle was being over-thought, which eventually led him to simplify his quest and come up with the following translation for the chalkboard:

“Understanding” “(I was unable to translate)” “spread out”
“living” “uncreated”
“seasons” “we traveled” “the other worlds”
“commotion among the elements” “a demon animal” “to devour” “to crush underfoot”

You know, I'm kind of reminded of a scene from The Christmas Story when I read that . . . (Warning, the last second of that video contains a swear word)

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to contain any ground-breaking news about the plot of the game and our efforts in it to travel to other worlds to crush the demons. It feels a bit like they are saying "Play more Wizard101." You know what I'm saying?

BUT, you know what is more ground-breaking in the news category? This month's Ravenwood Bulletin. Professor Ambrose is going to give us some news from the spiral, and I predict that means the discovery of a new world! Perhaps even Celestia! That, my friends, is a page to be watching over the next few days!

I do like your idea of me making some kind of lore-related post every once in a while though. It might be a jumping board for those who are much more left-brained than me to solve more of Wizard101's mysteries. I will see what I can do about that. :-)

Thanks for the question, and I'm sorry I couldn't be more help!

Happy Dueling


M.W.S said...

I am all about Egypt I love the land of Africa. Even though I am Nigerian American I still can't unravel those hieroglyphics ...

I pray to god I hope it's Celestia if it is whale mounts you can ride on in the oceans dolphins/sharks etc. That would be freakin awesome...

I really hope it's like Atlantis though... Um also KI if your reading this how bout expanding the buddy list to 1,000 players (because well I hate deleting old friends for better ones)? And sending gifts anything trading it to other players. Especially drops like somebody a balance wiz gets a death robe-malistare but then can give it to their death friend.

And NOBODY can sell lvl 50 stuff to the bazaar they really need to let people do that honestly... Gosh interact w/ your housing items (feeding pets food) ride your lvl 48 school pet as a mount etc.

Also, whenever you use your lvl 48 school pet spell your pet should disappear then become the spell like a midget to a large giant beast. Yea, ty I know these ideas rock sending them to Wizard101...

Donna Spell Thorn said...

I laugh at the irony that I stumble upon this one day before my Ancient Egypt test in Social Studies. I also noticed those little KT jars with the red, purple or blue head on them. I always thought they were so cute until I found at what they really were. They're canopic jars. A.K.A jars used for storing organs after the Pharoah has been mummified. Sorry Kingsisle, but there's no way I'm buying those now!

Blaze Silverfist said...

Thanks so much for the response Friendly! It's perfectly fine, what you did. Great job!

The clip really is a great inspiration and shows us that the hieroglyphics may just be a design element and mean nothing important. :)

But the fact that Greyrose doesn't want to tell us what it means is suspicious. I:

Maybe it DOES mean something important. O:

Oh well, thanks again, Friendly.

And don't forget to drink your ovaltine! :D

Seth Dragonflame said...

This is Seth Dragonflame, i wasw wondering what the most powerful Death Magic Spell was.

M.W.S said...

@ Seth:


M.W.S said...

LOL... Ovaltine...

alex deathshade said...

well that bird thing on one of the first ones means
boils or insolence or arrogance so i have no idea what any of it means