Friday, March 19, 2010

Bazaar? Wall Glitch? Seventh Level of Wizardblox?

Wolf Dragonsteed asks a few questions:
Hello Friendly,

Do you know how the Bazaar works? I like to sit there all day reloading the pets and reagents until I find something good (Bazaar Sniping), and it would be nice to know what the heck is going on with ole Elik Silverfist. Also, will there be different items in a different realm?
I also found a glitch in a DS wall. I can't remember where it is, but until Celestia, I have nothing better to do, right? Also, Also, Also, have you noticed that the seventh level in Wizard Blox is the Spiral? I wonder if that means that Celestia will be in space?

Thank You,
Wolf Dragonsteed
Thanks for the E-mail, Wolf. Ok let me see if I can break this down for you:

1- The Bazaar. Sure! I know how that works, and I know how it works because I've delved into the players guide over on and read all about it! Here's a copy of the page about The Bazaar.

From what that says, no, Elik has all realms covered, so no need to jump around hunting for the right realm to buy from the Bazaar.

I am also familiar with "Bazaar Sniping" hehe. I used to hunt for those black pearls and scrap iron reagents when I was leveling Amber to Master Artisan. I might have to go do that again with Thomas since I'd like to get him up to Master Artisan as well.

2- DS Wall Glitch. Right. I'm hearing that there is a glitch up in Tumok Gravelbeard's area. Ronan Dawnhead was telling me about that the other day. I need to go up there and check that out still.

*UPDATE* Aha! Wolf followed up with me and pointed out the area that he was really talking about. It's right here in The Drake Hatchery!

You can get a nice view of lava shooting in the air from here and once again do that whole man stuck in a wall thing.

Thanks for the heads up, Wolf!

3- Seventh level of Wizardblox is a spiral. Yup! I saw that! Well, I'm not sure if that means that Celestia will be in space, but it definitely sounds like the work of aliens! I wonder if they will update Wizardblox with an actual Celestia picture when it goes live?

Thanks again!

Happy Dueling!


Unknown said...

i would also mention that the color scheme of items makes a difference as well on the price for items. I have seem some instances where you can change the color of an item for cheaper than the raise in price it sells for at the bazaar.

I would love to see a guide on that some day. It would be interesting to see if there is a way to make more money by dyeing your items first.

the sorcerer supreme said...

Thank you Friendly! I have asked you alot of questions because, well, i just have alot of questions. I am just very curious about how things work :P

Stingite said...

@David: Good point! Sierra Starsong wrote up a kind of a guide on that actually.

@thesorcerersupreme: you're welcome!

Wolf MoonSinger said...

Hey Friendly, You sure are fond of aliens. Are you sure you haven't been abducted? Perhaps in a past life? :)

Blaze Silverfist said...

Ya, my dad's pretty cool like that, with all the realms at once. :D


It seems that brown items are the cheapest as far as clothes go, I honestly don't know off the top of my head, the most expensive. If I'm short on cash (which isn't often :D) I usually make the clothing item all brown and then buy it. Later, when I have more money, I dye it the colors I want (almost alway light blue and orange ;D)

Hope this helps

122ninjas said...

@blaze Silverfist. Black black is the most expensive.
@Friendly THANKS for giving me credit for that ;)

-Ronan Dawnhead (I REAL!)

jesse ^_^ said...

actually black is the most expensive clothes and yeah happy to be back on wizard101 playing the game again.