Saturday, March 27, 2010

Imric Gloomlight?

Question from Joe!
Hi friendly,

I was wondering if you knew what Imric Gloomlight’s, the crypt keeper in the upper right corner of Northguard, purpose was? Does he assign any quests for Grizzlehim? Thank you for your help :]
I've noticed that Imric before too and wondered the same darn thing. What secrets does Mr. Gloomlight hold?

Look at him, all ghosty and guarding some scary door that you JUST KNOW has awesome zombies or skeletons or spiders in it.

But, nope, he does nothing unfortunately.

not . . . a . . . thing.

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BUT, whenever I see an NPC like this I think POTENTIAL! What would you all like to see Imric do?

Here's my idea. You know how throughout the spiral there are death bosses scattered throughout? What if Imric gave you a quest to see what random death boss he had behind his door? Then as you zoned in, it chose a random death boss for you to fight. You could get Lord Nightshade, you could get Wormguts, you could get Malistaire, you could get Ivan Soulslinger . . . who knows?! It'd be random and repeatable.

What are you ideas for Imric?

And while you're talking potential, that whole corner of Grizzleheim needs work . . . how about these guys:

Especially Haarek back there in the back. It'd be nice to get some fishing trophy housing items for my house walls from him.

Happy Dueling!


Vanessa said...

It would be cool if Imric would eventually give you a quest that would lead you to celestia, like at the end of the quest he would disappear, and isn't there something that looks a little like Stonehenge surrounding him? Mabye that could start glowing and a portal would appear in the middle and when you went through it you would be in Celestia. I don't know it's just a thought.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

I've often thought along the same lines for Haarek. Maybe he could lead us into some kind of fishing game or something that would be levelable or something...but that is so much like Free Realms...possibly KI don't even want to touch on that idea because they don't wanna copy something so closely, can't blame original! But I would still love some fishing if we could do Here's an idea; Harek could be the one to discover more evidence of Celestia, by way of a fishing expedition. He could take us there or something?...probably not, but that would have been something for him to do. Or maybe Haarek, Imric, and the rest will have some other parts in future'd think.

Silvershade said...

I definitely think this could have something to do with Celestia, or maybe a quest for levels higher than 50? Grizzleheim keeps expanding with every level-up you get, so Imric's little cave could open up once you turned level 51 or something!!! Also, I have a Wizard101 blog called The Silver Shade of Winter, and I was wondering if you would add it to your blog list..? Thanks! I'd really appreciate it. LOVE YOUR BLOG!

smvb said...

I think the Huskarls are there simply to keep you from crossing any bridges the very first time you visit Grizzleheim. But, yeah, I've always wondered what that cryptkeeper guy was doing back there....

Anonymous said...

yeah, and what about finnulf sharptooth on the other side of Northguard? (the bear who is sleeping on the log)

Olivia Ashbringer said...

Okay, I wanted to ask you a question, as I've seen other people do that, but had no idea where questions were supposed to be submitted!

So, I'm just going to ask it here, if that's okay.

I discovered KingsIsle's youtube channel today and was going through all their videos and I saw this one:

Three seconds into it is housing I've never seen before. It looks like Grizzleheim housing, of which I thought there was none!

Am I right?

Anonymous said...

Friendly, could you help a fellow necromancer out? Why do so many people, who are on the same quest/s (In mooshu) seem to be one, two, and three levels stronger! I'm trying really hard to get to Level 35 (I'm currently 30), because I want to get a better outfit (I use crowns). It would help so much if I could figure this out, go back and do whatever it is I need to do to get higher. Also, could you recomend good places to farm bosses for a good wand at level 30 or 35 (so that they give you an extra pip)(Preferably a death wand, but I'm good with fire or life).
Thanks so much, Gorman SwiftMancer

The Necromancers said...

You can actually enter the crypt, I have on numerous occasions, but there is nobody to fight inside. The fact that you can enter, though, definitely gives some element of foreshadowing. For example, I always wondered about "The Professor" in Marleybone; now it turns out he does the level 75 minion spell quest.
Hopefully Imric plays a part soon!
My name is Sydney Thundersong, Grandmaster Necromancer. I'm in Scarecrow most of the time.