Sunday, March 14, 2010

What does the hat of kindness look like on a girl?

Question from From Rachel Windtalon, the Helpful Sorcerer:
I'm a level 47 sorcerer and a blogger with all balance pattern gear except for my hat. My friend told me of youkai's hat of kindness, but I want to know wat it looks like. I've only seen a male version, but not a female version. Can you please show a picture of a female versio of youkai's hat of kindness?
Whew . . . I've been getting some very tough questions lately. Unfortunately the only way to get your answer is for me to farm Youkai. I did an Internet search, and yup, the only model of the hat I could find was over on Wikia, and, yes, it was only for a boy.

I've tried to tell people before, friends don't let friends farm youkai, and I took a bit of heat for saying that. (I mean, Kestrel stuck her tongue out at me and gave me a "nana nana boo boo" after showing me her bonzai tree in her new life house) it's just that Youkai's loot table is so deep and Youkai is located so deeply in The Tree of Life that it's one of my least favorite farms in the whole game.

But for you Rachel, I went in. *cue ominous music*

I went in with an all female force even! It took me a good hour or so of farming, but just about when I was going to give up and come back here to blogspot defeated, bling!


Fancy! It's one of those to-the-side hats with some gems and a fancy pattern around the brim. FANCY STUFF! I like it, and I hope you like it to. It looks good on Iridian there. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Matthew said...

thanks friendly now we have the picture of that hat and don't have to farm crazily for it :) check the link to the wiki again

Sierra Starsong said...

I am *so* gonna have to farm for that hat now! My balance wiz Grace is right at 35, that hat's a lot better than the wicker bowl she's been wearing.