Sunday, November 22, 2009

What does the domed tree, stone lantern, and gong of the oni look? And why shouldn't I farm the bonsai tree?

Got a question from Kestrel:
Ok, so I am decorating my house to be really mooshu-ey, and I was wondering some things.

1. What does a domed tree look like? (from Maito)
2. What does a stone lantern column look like? (from Oyotomi)
3. What does the gong of the oni look like? (from Death Oni)
4. What does Youkai's bonsai look like? (from Youkai)

Also, where can you get those cute little green bushes you see all over mooshu?

Whew . . . I feel like a housing decoration salesman here with this question. Luckily for you, Amber just happens to be the salesman you're looking for!

*presents magazine and begins to flip through the pages*

Yes, over here on page 21 we have a wonderful domed tree . . .

Don't you just love the look of that? I think those look the most like "those cute little green bushes" you refer to. You should DEFINITELY get yourself some domed trees. It's a winning style statement for a mooshu house.

And here on page 55 you can find a stone lantern column . . .

Once again, this is a fantastically easy item to get. They are all over in the bazaar because the boss that drops them is constantly farmed for money. Easiest one of the bunch to pick up. Yup. YOU GOTTA GET YOURSELF SOME COLUMNS!

And finally on page 67 we have a gong of the oni . . .

I've had that for a long time.

And . . . that's it! Thanks!

. . . wait a second, you want to look at the Youkai's Bonsai? *flips housing magazine furiously to a torn out page area of the magazine* Yes, it looks like that tree has been removed from our catalog. GOOD DAY!

"Why," you ask?

*Amber grows a concerned look on her face and takes Kestrel by the hand*

You don't need a bonsai tree to make you happy my friend, trust me. TRUST ME!

*Sigh.* You still want to know?

Ok, here's what happened. I tried for you . . . i did . . . about 10 tries worth, but I gave up on trying to get this exclusive bonsai tree. I'm sorry it didn't work out. Here's the reason why I gave up.

You see, Youkai is a horrible nasty rank 10 life boss with 9,000 hitpoints. He's buried all the way at the very end of The Tree of Life instance. It takes a long time to run down to this guy.

Now, back in the day, Youkai was one of *thee* bosses to farm. He was "tougher than the Jade Oni," which used to be the end boss of the game back when Mooshu was the top. This was also back before housing was even implemented. So Youkai has a HUGE loot table, meaning he has a hat for every class, a minotaur, and a bunch of other great loot for what used to be the pinnacle hard boss of the game. When housing came along, Kingsisle just plunked a couple housing items onto his loot table and called it good. Unfortunately that makes your chances of getting the housing items less because he has SO MUCH stuff that he can drop.

To make a long story short, friends don't let friends farm Youkai for some silly little bonsai tree. SILLY! Trust me.

Now if you want to farm youkai for a cool looking minotaur pet, a lot of gear for your lower level alts, and to get the "sword saint" badge, more power to ya.

two cents.

Happy Dueling!


miguel rosepedal said...

I got my minotaur pet my second time I fought there helping my friend.

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

x Sobs uncontrollably x
But i WANT a bonsai tree!

adam said...

This is going to make me look like an idiot, but confession is good for the soul, right? Last year I decided I needed Youkai's death robe (just because it looks cool). I got it... but it cost me. By the time I got it, I had 14 minotaurs (which sell for about 3000 at the bazaar, btw). I'm totally with Friendly on this one -getting any particular thing from His Perverse Impiness is a low-probability outcome.