Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crimson Book Stand *2 = Master Artisan! Housing Item of the Day = Pavillion!

Whew . . . I spent a good portion of yesterday and this morning farming red mandrake/blood moss and black lotus/black pearls. Oh . . . my . . . goodness. Here's how it rolled out:

After a couple hours of farming this morning, Amber Deathsong manages to hit a goldmine in the Bazaar and buys up around 20+ red mandrake. YES!

Here comes the combine!




Amber scoots over to Dragonspyre for the turn in, Balthazar is once again all kinds of impressed.


Oh yeah, check out that new badge!

Ok, master artisan, let's cut our teeth on something a little more awesome! How about this little number, looks like I've got the ingredients. BOOYAH!

*insert crafting sounds* WHOA!

Oh I'm digging on that! You can go up inside it and put stuff around the edges, ok that's cool. PAVILLION IS THE ITEM OF THE DAY!

I feel like I need to log off and recover now. Seriously, crafting is not for those without an eye on the goal and a ton of determination. That's just some serious mind numbing path running. I feel like a mouse that ran the maze for cheese 100 times over. My head hurts.

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

Could you recommend some good spots for hunting Mandrake? I've been touring Tree of Life for Lotus/Pearls seems like forever, both my GM's have one robe down & one to go.

Anonymous said...

I want to get to the MASTER ARTISIAN so i can get the pavilion and the Carousel

stingite said...

firecat alley! check it out!

witchwarrior said...

nice job!
Hope you like your item!

Jessica said...

Fire cat alley is awesome for mandrake and mist wood. If you need ore, go to the dark cave.

jesse nightshade said...

wow thanks jessica I know I did not ask the question but I got the anwser before I was even going to ask. I needed those exact items.

SorionHex said...

Crafting X_x I'll get to it one day when I feel well rested and... Emotionally sound for painful practice =D Anyways, that's not the Housing Item of the Day, that's the housing Item of the Year =D

Jessica said...

Hee hee, I'm physic!

The Overachieving Necromancer said...

cool post, I want that Pavillion! I'm just glad i'm out of the hospital! I lacerated my spleen. (That means I cut it) Friendly, I love your blog!