Thursday, December 2, 2010

Check This Out! (Episode 7)


It's that time again where I dig through my e-mail and post up all the little tidbits and nick-knacks that y'all send me. So journey with me my readers as we CHECK THIS OUT!


This note comes from Blaze ShadowHorn:
Dear Friendly Necromancer,
I created a wizard101 site called and the email is
What I am getting at is I would be so honored if you would consider putting my site on your site and telling people about my site or checking it out. It would mean so much to me!

Thanks for the link! I'm especially interested in your news section of the site: It sounds like you're offering some cool information and fun there too. Best of luck!


This one comes from Craig:
Hi friendly, I'm probably getting annoying by now, huh? I was helping my friend with the scrather dude, and his unicorn had a groth spurt. I ported, then ported again when he was inside. Figure this out please.

Annoying? never! Especially when you bring me pictures of giant unicorn pets.

I'm going to rack this glitch up to lag thanks to the Sorcerer's Corner twins.


Next up is a little sumthin' sumthin' from my famous friend Cassandra:
Heya, Friendly!
I just made a pic about my idea of the next world.
These are 2 characters I'm going to include in my summary(which I will add on my blog) and I thought I'd give you and everyone a preview!
-Cass G.

That's cool. It would be like Morganthe's daughters or something. I like where you're going with that.

BTW, my daughter started drawing pictures of evil princesses after you sent this picture over. Thanks for that. ;-)


This one comes from Samuel:
Hi Friendly! I know you are at the post raven wood radio party but you have ignored my other message! In Firecat Avenue, pathfinders float after a while.

Oops! Sorry about missing your first message on this.

YEAH IKR?! I have seen this glitch before actually. haha! It *is* weird. Yeah, I don't know why they do that but we definitely need to call the glitch dog out on that one.

Thanks for the pictures!


This next one is from me. Alex Dragonblade found me out and about the other day and showed me his Thomas Lionblood circa Summer of 2010 outfit:

haha! Nice one, Alex. You look more Thomas Lionblood there than Thomas Lionblood. My old shoes were in the bank. :-)


This one comes from Isaac Mistheart (That Pyromancer):
Dear Friendly, for your next check this out would you consider posting this video I made? Thanks for going over it I worked hard and stupidly long (I started right before advanced pets and finished yesterday)

People included:
You (friendly)
Chris (The Pyromancer of Ravenwood)
Kevin Battleblood (The Chillanthropologist)
Cannon Game
Ditto (DittoWizards Blog)
Jessica (duo of death)
Heather Raven (The Wandering Conjurer)
Destiny Seagem (Duo of Death)
Leesha Darkheart (Ravenwood Radio)
Steven Spiritcaller (Ravenwood Radio)
Jessica Fire (The Awesome Pyromancer's Diary)
Kestrel Shadowthistle (The Shadowthistle School of Wizardry)
Fallon Shadowblade (Diary of a Wizard)
Cristo Skywalker (Cristo Skywalker's Journey)
Miss Narrator (The Daring Adventures of Ditto (Ravenwood Radio)
Gobbler King
Disembodied Floating Letters
Ghost (Unicorn Way)


Wow that must have taken a lot of work to animate. I'm loving the Thomas Lionblood circa Spring 2010 look. ;-) Awesome. Thanks! I've watched it like 30 times now. XD


This one comes from Quinn of the Quinn and Fin team:
It (The Krokotopian Hammock) isn't so new...

If KI had only got 50,000 fans we would all have one.

Oh yeah! I had forgotten that was one of the prizes we almost got. Cool. Really nice find. I'm glad they finally made an appearance in game. :-) I love my hammock. (love my dangerhound too hehe)


This comes from Seth Hunter:
I won this while i was in test so i figured i would give you the pix and i really want this for live bad lol

so i figured i would take some screenies and send to you lol

Awesome rank 7 plant! It's good to know that a cool plant such as the above is dropping in the Trial of the Spheres. Thank you, sir Seth Hunter! I wonder what the harvest is from it? If someone knows, please post and let me know. :-)


This one is from Mr. Blaze Mistshard:
Hey Thomas, me and mom took some pic while floating some more stuff! and Bailey said something about plants in the deck, I think I figured out what she meant, check it out!

YES! Now that's what I'm talking about! Nice work putting that statue WAY UP on your MFP roof. That's pretty freaking awesome.

I love the pictures of you floating out there in the sky. It looks like you're actually out there flying around . . . like you're playing WoW or something. (*GASP* I just said the name of the game that shall not be named!)

And as for the pictures of the garden stuff in your deck. LOL! YES! I really would like to do one of those plow attacks on one of those sharks. BY THE POWER OF GARDENING! I SMITE THEE! Too bad you can't do anything with those cards in a fight but discard them. Oh well. I imagine that bug will be fixed shortly if it hasn't been already.


This next note comes from Dalton:
HI Friendly! I just wanted to bring to your attention and all the Fire Students out there that the Heck Hound's damage has been improved to 130 per pip instead of 120.
I mentioned this to Uber Wife, and she was nodding her head in agreement that, yes, yes, heckhound does in fact bring her opponents a lot of pain lately. nice buff on the spell there!


Here's a cool bonus points message from Chase Skullmask:
Hi Friendly. I just want you to know that you do a awesome job with your blog. The header is very awesome. And you always keep us updated with the latest news. Plus, you always put a little humor into each blog. So I was just dropping by and saying that you are doing a great job.
Thank YOU, Chase Skullmask. I appreciate the nice note.


And FINALLY . . . here's a video I found that I'm dubbing "A necromancer's gift to Moolinda Wu"

You're welcome for the ear worm and the impending strange dreams.


Happy Dueling!


witchwarrior said...

Thanks for posting my pic! You'll enjoy what I add to my blog

Anonymous said...

Oh yah, props to Danielle FireBlossom for teaching me that floating trick! :D

Panglou said...


Isaac Mistheart said...

Thanks for posting my Flipnote
It was at that stage for a long time, but I was trying to continue but my animating skills are still faraway from Master Level.

Smogger Smasher said...

OHMYGAWD WHAT AM I ON?????????!!!! Cow video like... like... creeepy. But cool. I may regret asking(depending on why it shall not be named), but why is the game that shall not be named not named? If you are not at liberty to discuss, I understand perfectly, as I too have had such things that I wish to keep private.

Anonymous said...

LOL that cow video was aboslutely HILARIOUS. those cows are disturbingly talented :D
that is definitely going on my facebook page!

Blueroses said...

I have to say, Mistheart did very well on that Flip! ♥

Destiny StormStone said...

lol the cow video made my crack up cause the town i live in has like a million cows and everyone calls it smellington

Mike said...

I am gonna have nightmares for weeks I:



Anonymous said...

Thx Friendly for putting my message on.