Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Check This Out! (Episode 8.5)

Well, since I didn't finish up yesterday . . . here you go!


This one is from Garrett HawkFlame:
i was about to do the counterweight east dungeon in marleybone, and i was wandering around their royal museum before i was about to do the dungeon, just looking at their cool krokatopia artifacts, and i came across this krokatopia picture, and it said press "X" to collect, and so i got it, and i put it up in my house, but i just thought that maybe you could put that on for the next housing item of the day, i dont have any pics of it, sorry, but i thought it was pretty cool. and its right by the counterweight east dungeon, so it shouldnt be too hard to find
YES! And ohmygosh guess what? I totally forgot to include that with the last Angus post as the item of the day.

There it is: the Framed Campsite Photo. Woot for loot!


This one comes from Noah Dreamblood: there is a picture I know you'll like that I took, sorry the candles arent aligned that well though.


How did you know all I wanted for Christmas was a unicorn statue with floating candles? . . . only for real! I didn't get that, but I'll take this instead. Unicorns make the universe spin uniformly and united in uniqueness and yuletide yearnings. The end.


This monstrous creation comes from one Alex Deathshade:
. . . sending you another LEGO wizard101 creation (Sorry if the pic is a little low quality, i took this with i photo) this is a lego piscean guard.

NICE! That thing would totally duel my dog in a battle and win. I'm digging that you're bringing the Wizard101 with the Lego. You sir, have the awesome. The end.


This one comes from Blaze Firesword:
Hi Friendly, my name is Blaze Firesword and recently I made a thread on wizard101 central that helps people understand how much a tier is on I wanted to see if you could spread the word for me.
Here is the link. you in advance.
Hey! Thanks for the Maths! You sir, have the awesome. The end. (plus, I hope you get a lot of thanks and maybe some forum gold . . . best of luck!)


This next central thread pointer comes from Dylan RavenCloud:
Hey there Friendly! I was at this thread and thought it was intresting.Got any thoughts on this,maybe you should send Greyrose a shout out.Here's the thread:
Cool. That's definitely an Easter Egg in the game. It makes me think that perhaps it has something to do with these other two mystery rooms in that instance, but I'm unsure.

Greyrose seems to be a little hard to reach over the holidays, but I'll see if I can't point her to this thread and my post.


This one comes from Kieren Stormcaller:
you know. Inside the fig... yeah... FOOOOOOOOD!
He's funny!
He's attached. That sounded weird...

haha! Cute . . . but deadly! *ominous*


And this last video comes from an old World of Warcraft friend of mine . . . she played a wicked druid.

hehe. Thank you, Shada! Man, that dude spent a LOT of money to make that tree. That's insane! My little Halloween light show is spendy, but this is over the top!


Thanks again for all the info, news, links, and fun! Catch the rest of you in the next episode offffff . . . CHECK THIS OUT!

Happy Dueling!


Paige MoonShade said...

I have been in that room in Krok , its a puzzle that is unsolvable. I do agree I would love to know what it was for :)

LOL. fig stealing ninja pig ;)

Anonymous said...

I have been in that Krok room also. My friend randomly appeared in it and I teleported to him. There is no known way to get inside of there, and I have no idea how my friend did. It's full of gates and obelisks and it's really quite strange. I'll see if I can pull up some pictures for you.

Blaze Firesword said...

Thank you friendly for helping me out.

Richard Shadowstaff said...

The pig must like the "fig"gy pudding

Suri Blueflower said...

I have another question!!!

Ok, this one might be kinda complicated or it might not be complicated to answer at all.

Ok, say that a satyr went critical and the person who the satyr was cast on has very high critical block.
Would the satyr's critical be blocked, or would it still stay critical and do more?

Love the blog,
Suri Blueflower

Willzahk said...

Thx for the feature.
ANYWAY, I finished up the research on House Omnipotence. Apparently, as long as you have plants in a location, you can use every spell. Unfortunately, you cannot use garden spells on Furniture. One spell in particular, Bug Bomb, has the most interesting effect: drops a meteor on people.

Anonymous said...

Hey FN I haven't been on in a while so I'm not up to date so can you please post a list of where the crowns plants drop from.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

how do you take screen pics?

Suri Blueflower said...

@anonymous that asked the question:

Ok, when you are in-game, you take a picture by pressing Print Screen on your keyboard. You just hit print screen and it will take the picture, no Shift or any of that, just print screen. Then you go to documents and find the Wizard101 folder (At least that's what I do), and then, voila! you have your picture.
I suggest that you look at the words and stuff down at the bottom of the screen when you take the picture, it should help a little at finding it.

Lail Deathspear said...

Friendly, I have a request.

Would you please, please, PLEASE ask kingsisle to make gold trade able between characters on the same account? I have a character I want to delete who has over a hundred thousand gold, and I dont want to loose all of it!!!
Kingsisle never listens to me, so I just wont ask them, but they're probably more likely to listen to you, so I asked.