Friday, December 10, 2010

Wizard City, Your Gear Don't Matter None!

Dear Wizard City,

I do now hereby declare with as much attitude as an Angus Unicornpants can muster, "YOUR GEARZ ARE OVERRATED!!" Why? For Angus has bested your Lord Nightshade with no clothes on!


I will now do the angus duck walk

Here's the deck I used to beat Nightshade sans clothes:

As you can see, not much to it: pretty heavy on the heals and shields. In retrospect I should have added a blade for the kraken, but I didn't really need it. The damage boiled down to a convert and a storm shark treasure card to take out the field guard, and A Kraken treasure card plus a wand spell to finish off nightshade.

Speaking of storm shark, I've had an absolute blast chomping gobbler bosses with it. haha! Check these out. XD


And that about does it for Wizard City for me at this point. It's onward to Krokotopia and what's sure to be my certain demise . . . OR NOT?! I guess we'll just have to see. Most of you think I can make it through krok and even in to Marleybone without none no clothes on! GULPS! I guess we'll have to see.

Playing the game this way is definitely much more intense than I expected. You really get a new sense of danger hitting the spiral rockstar style.

OH! One more thing. Since I've opened a door of the spiral, here's another door for you all! Today's housing item of the day is another fun pick-up item. The Tiny arched door comes from the Wizard City Pet Shop. Good times are ahead for you and your teeny tiny door. Go get yours today!

Happy Dueling!


Panglou said...

Don't need no gear to do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, and I've been thinking of where Angus will end his soloing - Krokopatra or Meowiarty. Good luck w/Krokopatra with her beastly health and Storm school, and then Meowiarty, also a beast :)

Smogger Smasher said...

Dude, that's sweet! I'm totally gonna try that on my account!! Anyway, I don't have e-mail so I'll just ask here. Has anyone found a Marleybone gardening vendor? I can't find him for the life of me. I figure it's probably Marley in Marleybone because of the name. If you find him, let me know please.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Angus! Bravo indeed!


The Overachieving Necromancer said...

New bet: I agree with Arlen

He has no chance of getting through Big Ben, up at that, he's "Ќе одам, да го нема!" That's Macedonian for "Going, going, GONE!"

Anonymous said...

Eventually just your lack of cards will make it so you can't effectively do anything. Unless you get Reshuffle. But the high pip cost would make that no very practical probably.

-Natalie Lotustheif

jacob said...

Are there any collectible items,other then door from pet shop, ink from Ms. Flameright, and brain jar from nightshade's tower?