Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gardening and Celestia Furniture goes live!

It's official! Gardening has arrived in the spiral! I'm patching all my files as I type. The update notes for gardening can be read here. It's a very lengthy read that does a good job giving a player an overview of the system.

There were a few things I discovered while messing around with Gardening in the test realm, but the main thing I learned was . . . don't grow too big of a garden and be careful how spread out your garden is.


At the end of my test realm experience I was using a couple energy elixirs to tend to all my plants' needs, and I didn't have any energy left over to play with my pets . . . and this was AFTER they upped the max energy I could have. It seemed very easy to get carried away.

But, hey! I really do like this new element that's been added to our player housing. It now feels like there's something to do at your house now instead of just decorating and showing it off. Props to KingsIsle for improving on an already great housing system.

Just as a side note, the test realm already appears offline. I'm kind of bummed I never got to see my frozen fly traps mature to elder!

Ahh well. It was fun! Hope you all also had fun on the test realm and are ready to take your green thumbs to the spiral now. :-) Thanks!


Well, I'm done patching! Time to go play Angus some more. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Henrietta said...

Sweet! I've been waiting for it to come to live, guess I know where I'll be this evening :)

flash33 said...

It's kinda sad that me and a friend couldnt see our stinkweed plants in their elder stage (they would reach them today), oh well.

And I have a question. Do you think there should be large pots and large enchanted pots and not just the small and medium ones, cause I do.

Suri Blueflower said...

Finally!!! I have been waiting for CL furniture to come live so I can do my quests, but apparently, KI didn't put housing items in the quests :(

Btw, Cuthalla drops a housing item called Marleybone Drill. I seem to be getting it a lot. It looks like the drill in the CL base camp.....