Friday, December 3, 2010

Stinkweed = Gobbler!

I had to laugh last night when I discovered the true identity of my stinkweed:

LOL! No *wonder* it's called stinkweed. :-)

Here's another picture from the test realm this morning.

OOPS! Looks like I wasted too many of my play crowns to try out those new crown shop items and seeds.

There's one other thing you should notice in the bottom left hand corner. Congrats! Your energy globe just shot up to 70 points (it shows 67 because I had spent 3 on a little plant tending this morning)! Whew. I'm glad they raised that up a bit.

Happy Dueling!


Heather HexHeart said...

Friendly never fear those crown seeds can also be bought with gold!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I was like O.O when I first saw my stinkweed burp on me lol.

Also, all of the new plants in the crowns shop can be bought for gold!

Johnist said...

Friendly, you can buy them with Gold as well :)

Heather HexHeart said...

Very strange, sorry Johnist I posted this comment earlier and some how got your name, or maybe mine did not go through and you posted along the same lines, anywho ditto!

Anonymous said...

hi i was wondering if you hatch with a dark crow or bronze helephant do you still have to ba a captain or what ever requirement it is?
-Mitchell Lifecrafter

Seth TitanWhisper said...

@Mitchell Lifecrafter I actually hatched a hydra and a helephant and got the mix that stated that I needed knight rank but I could use it in battle for my other characters who were privates

Anonymous said...

@Seth TitanWhisper
ok thanks so it wont be a total waste attempting to hatch one then
-Mitchell Lifecrafter