Monday, November 1, 2010

Large Minotaur Glitch Explained

The Sorcerer's Corner Twins sent me the most awesome scanned piece of paper eva. You'll probably want to click on this to make it big so you can read it better.

So, the minotaur glitch in the latest "check this out" episode is because of lag and the way artists set up graphics for the 3D models. Got it!

*Fist pump to the amateur game designers*

Happy Dueling!


Taji34 said...

Thanks for posting that (not that many people will care but it's good publicity). We can actually explain a lot of different things and/or glitches in the game (though not all of them).

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Nice illustrated explanation, Taji34, and thanks for the share, Tom!

That explains giant pets outside of the home: slow connections...(no wonder I haven't a clue what some friends are raving about!)

BlakeySykes said...

I can read it can you explain

Taji34 said...

@BlakeySykes Here it is (it's a bit more comical with the illustrations):

In actuality Friendly's 3D model is smaller than his pet Minotaur's 3D model. (insert picture) Most game development companies choose not to build models to scale because it is too much work. Normally they just resize them in the game. (insert picture) But in times of great lag (like when your loading Celestia) the resizing process doesn't happen fast enough. Therefore, you see the full sized model. (inset picture here)
To make modeling easy, Modelers model as openly as possible. (insert picture) This usually means that the arms and legs are spread out and any accessories are not touching the body of the model. Every model has some variation of this. Modelers use armatures to animate a model. Armatures tell the game where things should go and how they should move there (kinda like a skeleton in a human). The armature, however, loads after the model. In times of great lag (like when your loading Celestia) you can see the model without it's armature. The combination of both of these causes the glitch.

Sorry for my handwriting. I was hurrying because I had homework. Anymore gaming questions? Anyone?