Thursday, December 16, 2010

Video Time! Tearing up the Krokotopian Arena . . . WITH ANGUS!

hehe. I just *had* to do this . . .

So waaaaaaayyyyyy back when I started this blog, I posted up a video of one Thomas Lionblood in the Krokotopian arena. September 21st, 2008. Since that time it has gotten 45,000 hits. And that's WITHOUT commenting enabled. If I had comments enabled on my video those hits would be much more.

Why don't I allow commenting on YouTube videos, you ask?
1- I freaking hate YouTube comments. ("newb casting outside of yr class LOL l2p." "W101 is for babies, why R U Not playing WOW! failzors!")

2- I'd rather have all discussion happen on my blog instead.
Anyway . . . Angus just finished up the Krok Arena a couple days ago, and I did some video for you all. I couldn't resist taking that very first Wizard101 YouTube I made and doing a new one for Angus. :-)

Pretty straight forward. Heals, Shields, Sharks, and Krakens!


Happy Dueling!


Richard Shadowstaff said...

Go Angy!!

james said...


RandomTeen said...

newb casting outside of yr class LOL l2p but like really W101 is for babies, why R U Not playing WOW! failzors!!!!

Kristen said...

why is the grand arena floor light blue though

it looks like water when i first saw it but it still its awkward

M.W.S said...

Ah, that's why no YouTube comments!

Panglou said...

Thats awesome! I remember your old "Tearing Up the Krockotopia Arena" video on friendly, and that was over 2 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Whats the name of that song?

Anonymous said...

Ok there is a difference with WoW and wizzy and mostly everyone knows it. The gameplay is different... It's turn based. So anyways besides that I think it's retarded to hate on wizzy. Just because they like WoW doesn't mean that's the ONLY mmorpg you should play. Don't let them get ya down Friendly.

~~Blaze BattleStaff 49-Death~~

Hope to see more videos xD