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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dog? Frog?!

(LOL, well well well . . . remember this?)

AHEM . . . Dog?




Anonymous said...

Huh, I sorta expected him to be in an aqua-suit that Proffesor Balestrom made for him. Guess he used that Water-Breathing Device in the Promenade, either that or he can hold his breath for a really long time.

-Jacob Soulshard

Eric Darkblood said...

xD It must vary Friendly, Maye their cousins?

Camerondeathbreaker said...

hahahahaha nice!

The Nerdy Progammer said...

Hey TFN I was wondering if you would spread the word and maybe make a post that there will be a New Years Party in Celestia Base Camp, Vampire Realm Area 1, 5:00 p.m. Pacific time

SorionHex said...

Frogs are amphibious silly. They can survive underwater.

Anonymous said...

lol he looked kind of silly as a dog; i'm glad they changed him- he looks much better now
By the way, is anybody else not hearing the dialogue voices for the characters in the Science Center and the Crustacean Empire? They aren't working for me- I figure it's a bug within the game because the dialouge for Pierce Stanson's crafting quest is just fine.

The New Wiz said...

It looks like the frog in hoodwinked