Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Check This Out! (Episode 8)

YO READERS! My e-mail is bursting with correspondence from y'all! So it is definitely time that we do another episode of CHECK THIS OUT!

First up is a note from Kyle Firefist regarding an invisible column glitch in Celestia.
Hey, Friendly! I found a spot in Stormriven, near Cuthalla, where there is an invisible column! i don't know how to make screenshots, so could you try to find it? It's near a purple square on the edge of the checker-board

Oh yeah! I think I've run into that one before. haha!


(photo by http://www.sonoma-marinfair.org/)

Next up is a cool set of pictures from Vanessa from Diviner's Lane:
it is vanessa emeraldglade! so i got bored one day and allot of the time i draw when i get bored. lately my main subject of drawing
is wizards! lol
so i got tired of my friends so i choose to do someone i didnt no but i kinda... knew? lol
so i drew the lionbloods (you)

and then i got bored the next day so i drew bailey!

lol so i no you might not have brooms or seahorses but ya no lol

~vanessa emeraldglade, the diviners lane.
Those are freaking awesome! I'm loving the whole broom = surf board thing! ;-) I totally want to ride a broom like a surfboard. They should do that!

Thanks for the fan art, and nicely done too!


Next up is a Youtube video from Blaze Shadowhorn showing all the loot he got while on the test realm:

ahh, the test realm. It's too bad you can't take some of that with you, right? But, I think messing around with the crowns is probably everybody's favorite thing to do when the test realm comes out. You get to try all the mounts, buy clothes, and generally go crazy with all the stuff that's usually too expensive. :-)

Thanks for sharing!


Next up . . . Artur realizes there's smiley faces on seedlings!
Hello, it's atrur dragonstone. Don't know if you've noticed this yet but if you look at the pictures of seedlings, THEY HAVE HAPPY FACES ON THEM! I guess they're happy to finally get out of that dang shell. I COMMAND YOU TO STOP READING THIS EMAIL AND GO LOOK AT A CLOSE-UP OF A SEEDLING NOW
LOL! I know, right?! Totally fun! Now if we just had a way to turn them so they all smiled in the direction we wanted them to! :-)


Seth Hunter shared some pictures with me of his massive collections at his player housing:
Ok this is seth hunter AGAIN yes i like to bug peeps so i might as well on a massive scale so heres some of my collections BE AFRAID

BE VERY!!!!!!

VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(And those are just a few of the photos Seth sent me . . .)

Seth, you sir, have outdone yourself with the statue room! I love it. Nice collections all around. :-)


Wilzahk sent me a note about using those plant spells for other, more awesome purposes than just tending to your garden.
I JUST LEARNED SOME VERY important news.
It is a glitch, but a very good one at that.
You can apparently use gardening spells for special effects ANYWHERE OUTSIDE in your castle.

This is very important because now, you can take photos of you doing a jump in a pillar of sunlight.

hehe. Nice! Let me try that pillar of sunlight thingy you just mentioned.


Next up, a glitch report from Cassandra:
I found a MONSTROUS glitch!
This only happens on my dad's Windows XP Laptop, Not on my Vista laptop.
Fear the Butterfly!!

ACK! Now that's a butterfly you don't want to mess with . . . it reminds me of when we'd have to fight Xegony in Everquest. ;-)


Next up is a note from Caleb Silverflame:
If you ever decide making a post regarding the Giving Tree's rewards, or in a future Check this Out, can you please point out this thread?

Its a guide I had made, pointing out the rewards of the Tree. Maybe you may get some viewers to purchase them, and having people recognize the rewards can also answer a bunch of questions being asked to you about the Tree.

Thanks for this link Caleb! Yeah, if you all aren't aware of the awesome lootyness (that's my new invented word of the day) of the Giving Tree, please check that link out. If you want to advance your gardening skill, this is a great (and very generous) way of doing it.

'Tis the season!


Here's a fun note from Destiny DawnRiver that she sent me:
Hiya Friendly! I really like your blog- it helps me with a lot of stuff on Wizard101.
I made a little something for the holidays- to find it, follow these steps:
Go to http://www.tektek.org
Click on "Dream Avatar"
Click "Search Avatars"
Enter "Original Friendly Necromancer" in the search box!
There ya have it!

If you want to have a laugh, you can also enter "Santa Friendly."

If you want to see my character on W101 in this fashion, you can enter "Destiny DawnRiver."

Happy Holidays!

Wow! Those are cool! Thanks! Glad my site helps you out, and thanks so much for the Avatars. Happy Holidays to you too!


And finally, check out this awesome picture that Blaze Mistshard sent us for Christmas:

I'm digging on how my hat totally ended up looking like a cowboy hat. :) And look at that devilish expression on Bailey's face! MUHAHAHAHA!

That's a great legendary group of friends right there.

OH, and good luck on getting your blog going again, Blaze! Everyone be sure to go visit the Casting Chills blog and check it out!

Thanks, Blaze!


I actually have a ton more of fun stuff to share with you guys, but I've run out of time and need to head to work now.

Thanks so much for thinking of me! I'm overwhelmed by the awesome Christmas gifts, pictures, and thoughts. You guys rock!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Oh dude, thanks Tom!
Really thank you! ;)

Blueroses said...

Lol, TekTek exists for Gaia Online. But nerveless, that is very clever. ;D

Richard Shadowstaff said...

Sweet avatars and drawings!!

Benjamin nightfist said...

the invisible colum is there because when the boss is defeated 5 new colums appear to summon another

Kristen said...

darn you didnt answer mine yet lol

Suri Blueflower said...

Hi, Friendly
I want to create a blog, but.....
I DONT HAVE A MOBILE PHONE!!! AHHH!!! ); ); ); Soooo, I was wondering IF there is another way to create one without having a Mobile Phone.

Thanks in advance,
Suri Blueflower.

Anonymous said...

what is kyle supposed to be wearing?

Suri Blueflower said...

Oh yea, I have a question as well.
Ok, so I was wondering this random question in my head and I thought you would be the best person to ask, even though it is a question of opinion, so, here it is.

Would it be best to use a lot of little attacks on an enemy in a duel, OR, to save up pips and use a bigger, more powerful spell.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anonymous! I'm wearing in that picture some Celestian gear. A Band of the Briny Deep, a Dragonfire Deck, a Knife of Preoccupation, Mercurial Mukluks, a Helephant pet, a Reckless Raiment, a Shroud of Cinders, a Talismanof the Tower, a Dragonfire Deck, and a Rental Broom.

Also, Friendly, I know you get a lot of e-mails, so thank you for chooseing mine on the invisible column.

first said huh then said wha? said...

Thx friendly for showing my drawings!
Oh and the first annonomys- I dont no i guess one of the old crowns gear i really dont no LOL!
Thx anyway!


Anonymous said...

Friendly, THANK YOU for choosing mine! and you even called the Glitch dog! Thanks!

Christopher Dragonfriend said...

So that's what that is. A monster Butterfly! :O