Monday, December 13, 2010

Annoucement: Give the Gift of Magic

This just came across the newswire! Looks like we'll get a new seed to grow in our gardens this year.


Last year our players raised $125,000 for Charity! This year, we are offering our players a chance to give a little Magic to someone in need. 

When you purchase of a Giving Tree Seed from the Crowns Shop at the price of 2500 Crowns (approximately $5), KingsIsle Entertainment will donate the net proceeds to two children's charities in Texas.

Learn more at


Awesome! I will definitely be purchasing a seed or two. :-)

Happy holidays and happy dueling!

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Fist of Fire said...

I got one, and harvested it. I got a disarm treasure, pearl, and 300 xp. It's pretty much a mega snack pack for gardening that goes to charity.