Friday, December 17, 2010

Krokotopia, Your Gear Don't Matter None!

Dear Krokotopia,

I do now hereby declare with as much attitude as an Angus Unicornpants can muster, "YOUR GEARZ ARE OVERRATED!!" Why? For Angus has bested your Krokopatra with no clothes on!

This eventually led to another awesome power up for Angus. +1 potion bottle woots!

Meh, now I'm going to go back now and finish up all the side quests I skipped in Temple of Storms. :)

I'm not going to lie to you, this style of play is much harder. If I've made it sound like it's a breeze, then I've misled you. I've been defeated multiple times, but my victories have far exceeded my losses. With this style of play you have to be much more observant about your opponent's pips and your available cards. You pretty much have to be thinking two or three rounds ahead.

What I'm mostly noticing is a change in how I'm using my sideboard because this style of play is all about how you stack your deck. Treasure cards > than all.

Note that I haven't yet used potions or henchmen to aid me. Health, mana, and accuracy potions are pretty easy to come by thanks to Wizardblox codes. I haven't decided yet whether that's considered cheating or not, so I've been opting for a more puritan view. ;p

I'm looking ahead to where the show stoppers will actually be. Many of you guessed Marleybone is where Angus will be halted. I'm not so sure. Personally I'm starting to think the fight in Dragonspyre where I have to break through a ton of shields to kill the pox and eventually best Marva will be Angus's last fight. /shrug

Only time will tell! Either way, I have a new level 25 Storm wizard on my hands now! :)

Nakey pants and still soloing!


Happy Dueling!


Panglou said...

Hmm, I think ANGUS ANGUS ANGUS'S! diminish will be around Big Ben or the counterweights.

Sierra Starsong said...

Likely Mavra won't be as much trouble as you think. You'll need reshuffles & prisms (since she's storm too). Focus on taking her down first, then you can take your time healing and working on the Pox - they never attack on their own so once Mavra's gone it's just a matter of time.

Another 3 levels (I think) & Angus gets his minion, that should definitely help him out!

Vikki said...

Those pox drove me crazy. Definitely one of the hardest fights.

Elijah Stormheart said...

Nice one, Friendly! Don't get head-spinned by the rats in Hyde Park.
Believe me, I did.


Caroline Dawnrunner said...

Yes but you just finish those worlds so fast

Patrick said...

Friendly, I dare you to beat the whole game with no clothes on ever, except crafting quests

Aaronstarheart said...

The pox WONT be Angus's last fight Mithraya will and then next worlds boss and so on and so on

Nicholas Battleshard said...

I think that health and mana refill potions are not cheating, but elixers and henchman are. I try to avoid using them, and I am leveling my charecter normally. And I just inished the Marva fight today, she is SO annoying. Like I said, I try to avoid using henchman, but I, a level 44 storm wizard, used 3 (Life, Myth, and Fire, all level 60). But good luck!
Nicholas Battleshard, Level 44 Diviner, Novice Gardener, Adept crafter, But not for long!

Ziva said...

wow! my storm WITH GEAR is stuck in the krokosphinx...

lollipoppies said...

does angus wear anything besides clothes i mean like does he wear amulets, wands, pets, or anything else??????
answer so i maybe can try to level a wizard the way you are

Blaze Deathcaster said...

I am very, very impressed.