Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where are Some Celestia Furniture Drops?

Alexander Battleflame has a question:
Hey Friendly I have a question where are some Celestia frontature drops?
Heya! Well the best list I've found is over at Central on William Ghostrider's thread.

It doesn't seem complete just yet, but I think it's a great thread to watch and participate on!

Personally, I really want to farm me up one of those Shark Huts from Calypso. Yeah! YEAH! We'll make that housing item of the day . . . maybe that will inspire me to go farm Calypso a few times. ;-)

What furniture item from Celestia are you most interested in farming?

Happy Dueling!


Deni said...

Come to to see dozens more of celestian drops!

~Malorn and Myrna

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the shark hut friendly. I was fighting Calypso the other day, and she was dropping them left and right. I got one about 2 out of every three battles.

Willzahk said...

Now that you're asking ... the Astral Icons from the Sphere bosses.

Anonymous said...

I would like to farm some more willow trees, and make a forest of them.

Alexander Battleflame said...

Thanks Friendly for answereing my question!

King of Death said...

Could you add to your blog list? thanks

tyler said...

I got a tall tiki totem from big salgio in the chancel.

Alexander Battleflame said...

Everyone check out my blog!