Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Large Soil's Amount of Gardening Questions

Whew, I have a lot of gardening questions that just came in over the past few days. let me see if I can't answer some of these.

Whitestorm has a couple questions
(1) How often do you need to check your plants?

(2) I moved out of one house and into another recently...but couldn't figure out how to pick up my pots containing plants! Is there a way to do that?
1- You should check your plants daily. Once a day is plenty, and twice a day is fine, but your plants will have needs every day.

If you have a number of challenging plants or just a large number of plants in general, you'll probably want to visit them three times a day and break up tending to them as your energy allows . . . it's easy to get carried away with gardening and you spend your energy a lot faster than you do with pet mini-games. Taking care of the pests will probably be the most important thing you do.

I personally decided to try not to grow a garden that is too big. I'm limiting myself. I'm really in no rush to get to rank 10 in gardening. One plot of pink dandelions and a giving tree is all I have. That's got me up to Rank 5 so far (mostly because that giving tree is SO GIVING!).

2- Unfortunately, no, there's no way to pick up your pots or plants after you've put them in the ground. Even if you say you want to put everything in your attic, it still won't pick up your pots or plants.

Chris has a question:
I have been trying gardening recently, but for some reason I can't harvest my mature plants. They have no needs or pests, so could you pleasse help!

A lot of people on the test realm were under the false impression that you can harvest a plant as soon as it's mature. That isn't the case. Each plant has a slightly different harvesting schedule. Luckily (unlike how it was on the test realm) if you open up your gardening tool and mouse over any plant, it will tell you when you can harvest your plant next.

Jacob Ashweaver has SIX questions:
Hi again Friendly!

I had a question(s) about gardening:

1) How can you make sure the plant you plant will face the right direction? Can you rotate it when it's a seed?

2) Will placing a plant in a pot give the planter benefits (harvesting, less pests, etc.) ?

3) Can you create something like a chart for the harvest rewards for each plant, elder and mature?

4) How do you get a gardening treasure card?

5) Can a plant die of age of something even if you take perfect care of it?

6) Has kifreegames.com updated with gardening rewards?

I had one other that I forgot... I'll come up with it later.
Wow that's a lot of questions!

1- I haven't found a way. It doesn't seem to matter which direction I'm facing, and it doesn't seem to matter what plant I'm planting, I just can't twist and turn them. Fortunately when they mature, they react to people and bend or shy away from them, right?

2- The only benefit you get from planting in a pot is that you can put it inside your house and you have access to medium enchanted soil earlier than you get the spell to make that soil.

3- That's going to have to be a community effort, and in fact, I do believe that work has already begun on Central. Possibly other locations. Maybe in the future I'll put something like that here. :-) Good suggestion!

4- You buy a pack of Moolinda Wu's Green Thumb cards from the crown shop, which are ridiculously priced now, btw.

On the test realm those cards were much cheaper. I don't know if I'd waste my time with them now. I'd probably just buy an energy elixer or two if I had too many plants than energy in a day.

Luckily you can *rarely* find a gardening treasure card as a drop! Here's a thread on Central that's tracking it.

5- Nah, at best it'll turn Elder. You don't have to harvest your elder plant. At that point, it's like a ghost plant . . . there until you harvest it away and no need to tend to it.

6- I have not heard of KIFreegames.com updating their rewards to include seeds yet, but it's a good question. I'll forward it on to Greyrose and see if I can get any answers for you.

Hope that helps!

Happy Dueling!



Hey friendly, this is awesome! I only just got up to level 12 and I'm starting to garden. This has helped a lot, oh and I'm also reading your post from when you first started this blog (I'm up to October 14th, 2008) also, not to spam you or anyone else but I've got a new blog about being an Aussie wizard. Ugh, that just proves I'm spamming! D: aha, hope you and your family have a safe and great Christmas!

dakota silverbane said...

i've been fighting a lot of crabs in the promenade and i'm getting a lot of dragonfly garden treasure cards.

Michael Thunderspear said...

Garden encyclopedia... Do I smell Gardennome? xD

Jordan Star said...

hey friendly could you add me to your blog roll? i'd appreciate the traffic! <3 your blog!


Anonymous said...

Hey Friendly, have you been noticing that quest helper isn't working?

Contact Greyrose about this

Smogger Smasher said...

So basically, if you're without internet for more than 2 days, all your plants are done for? Great. Just great. I'm going on vacation for Christmas. All my little plants will be dead. :-( Sad face is sad.

Anonymous said...

i really wish i had a giving tree.

Jordan Star said...

haha Michael. Garden Knome.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that my plants face in every direction but when I approach they all rotate to face me as I get near. This goes for all the plants except for the desparagus, he sometimes faces away even though I am standing next to him. I thinks this gives him and the other plants character. To me they are acting like a pet left at home and is happy when master returns.