Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where do I get the ingrediants for "The Special" quest? (p.s. Feint necklace?!)

Taylor ThunderDust has two questions:
1) I have this side quest, called "The Special" that I got, from a tutorial tip, when I dinged 52 and its from a guy in the CL Base Camp, named Ogden Peake. And the quest is about how he has work to do but can't continue without a joke. And he sends you to MarleyBone to talk to the snack vendor in Regent's Square. Then the snack vendor tells you to go around the worlds of the Spiral, looking for the snacks, and you, apparently, need: Nettle Root, which is located in various locations in KT, Medium Fish, various locations in MB, Stinky Cheese, various locations in MB, and Golden Squash, various locations in MS. I can't find them, and there's no quest helper allowed. It acts somewhat like a Zeke quest, because it gives a training point. Help, if possible? (screenshots attached, I hope..)

2) I saw someone with a Feint necklace! a LEGIT Feint necklace! I just didn't screenshot it..but it was different from the actual Feint, with +75% to enemies and 20%+ to you. Just thought you should know.


These are actually Bazaar questions . . . not bizarre, but bazaar! :-)

1- All the items needed for "The Special" quest are located in the Bazaar! I just price checked these a couple minutes ago.

So if you don't want to take the time to farm all those up, just take around 3k gold to the bazaar and finish it the easy way! :-)

2- I know, right!? These are super awesome necklaces. Both of these can also be found in the bazaar. Chickachickacheck em out!

Thanks for the questions and screenies!

Happy Dueling!


Fallon Shadowblade said...

Morning Friendly! When I completed the Special sammich, I couldn't get the ingredients from the Bazaar. I got to farm the ingredients the ol' fashioned way. Maybe that's been fixed now! That's great news. Have a wonderful day!!

And a very Happy Holidays to you and your family.


Deni said...

i have the feint necklace, I love it!

Blaze Deathcaster said...

My storm wiz trained to satyr but I could never decide on using my other points to get feint or tower shield. Now with this neclace, I'm thinking I'll get the tower shields with training points, since I'd want more than one, and just rely on the necklace for my feint.

And yes, you can stack this awesome 75% feint on top of a regular 70% feint for extra fun!