Sunday, December 19, 2010

Boosts and Resists against Astral School?

Another question from Destiny Dawnriver:
Hi Friendly! I have a question that will be interesting to budding wizards in Celestia.
What schools do the Star and Moon creatures resist? I'm Fire, and they resist that. What other schools do they resist?
Heya! I wasn't sure on the answer to this so I logged in and tried out different types of attacks on different Star and moon creatures. What I found out was that the resistances were exactly the same: Ice and storm attacks are boosted, Fire attacks are resisted (as you suggest). It also appears that the other schools of magic are neither resisted or boosted.

It seems like the Fire school got the short end of the stick, but luckily a boost is just a prism away for the fire school. (too bad a lot of their damage is done in DoT spells . . . that's just really difficult to prism)

In general though, resistances seem strange in Celestia. Sometimes you can be fighting a boss and they'll surprise you. A good example of this is Unimatus in the Stellarium. He's flagged as a Myth boss, yet Death boosts against him.


So, Your mileage may vary, and I am interested in hearing from readers' experiences with resistances in Celestia.

Good question.

Happy Dueling!


Fist of Fire said...

Fire gets resisted against star, but we get a nice little boost against moon.

Fallon Shadowblade said...

From my experience so far here's what I know:

Life boosts on Fire and Storm

Death boosts on Ice and Myth

And all of these work the other way around too.

Balance still boosts nothing (zip, zilch, nada...) yet Spirit school still boost against Balance as normal

It was nice to know my prisms will have another use! You will notice some CL inhabitants with different types of Traps, Blades and Shields. Some are Death, Myth, and Ice instead of a regular elemental or spirit. These boosts are only in CL though and can really work to your advantage powering through those mean ol' baddies!

Anonymous said...

Ice guys seem to boost against a lot (definitely myth anyway).

Noah DreamBlood said...

In celestia boosts are natural as if in the real world, fire burns trees, trees soak up water, water puts out fire. With the death of a teller, the legend dies or fades.
When it comes to ice/death i have no idea lol.

Psychadega said...

Friendly, I've been a long time reader, but this is the 1st I've wrote in. From what I have seen, in Celestia the resists and boosts are completely different than the rest of the game. elemental and spirit schools of magic boost against themselves. For example, fire is a boost for storm and ice. Ice boosts storm and fire, death boosts life and myth, etc... this had nothing to do with astral schools, but I thought it worth mentioning

Blaze Shadowblade said...

Friendly, Celestia has a new resist system based off of the Astral schools. Star acts as balance without any resist. Moon has a resist triangle based off of the three schools of magic that make it up, myth to Ice, Ice to Death, Death to Myth. Sun is the same way but with Fire, Storm, and Life. Fire to Life, Life to Storm, and Storm to Fire. This is also how the new astral mobs work. Sun and Moon resist the schools that make them up, but are weak against the schools that make up each other. I also believe that star resists everything but balance if I remember correctly. With that said, only certain mobs in Celestia go by this system while others go by the original system and yet others go by both.

Finnigan Wyrmdust said...

I have a question. In the end of the dungeon Trial of the Spheres , there is a boss (Mithraya) who is from Sun. What boosts and what resists against Sun?

Finnigan Wyrmdust
Legendary Pyromancer

Quinton Hawkins said...

When your dead your bodies cold. When your living ir represents warmth.