Thursday, December 9, 2010

Level 10, Angus Don't Care None

Well, Angus has now achieved 10th level in Wizard City . . . without none no clothes on! (Angus likes using double negatives--even triple negatives--when he speaks if you haven't caught on yet)

Probably his greatest fight yet has been with Sergeant Skullsplitter.

Our anti-hero hero, Sir Angus Unicornpants, still remains undefeated in Wizard City. All wins, zero losses.

I waited as long as I could before hitting my first boss fight outside of Unicorn Way. Angus fought through as much of Firecat Alley, Cyclops Lane, and Triton Ave as he could before tackling any boss fights in any of those areas. Why? Level 10 is awesome for shielding my friends. Chances of survival with or without clothes skyrocket at level 8 and level 10 because of the available shield spells. Yup, there have been some skin of the teeth wins, but a win is a win!

Check it out, Angus even picked up a 1-day White Mare rental from ol' Rattlebones.

That's been super handy. I figure equipping a mount is fair game since it doesn't really affect my stats. You may also have noticed I got a cool pet drop too! NO PETS FOR ANGUS! NO CARING! NEVER NONE CARING NO!

Instead pets go into his housing. Speaking of which. Good ol' angus picked up the housing item of the day! woot! Pen and Ink from Anna Flamewright's spot. ;-)

Oh sure, Celestia furniture has been released and why in the world wouldn't a new Celestia item be a housing item of the day?

Because Angus don't care none. /shrug

Happy Dueling


Panglou said...

He. Is. EPIC!

Anonymous said...


-Jacob Soulshard

Eric Darkblood said...

Angus: 10
People with clothes: 2

He's leading in my scores! >:D

Exactly what pet did he get though?

Cherry said...

how many myth sprites do you have on all your accounts total now lol

Dark said...