Saturday, December 11, 2010

Angus Don't Care None About Spell Quests

Hey! Angus turned 18th today and picked up a quest to fight a typhoon Kraken or two. I remember getting asked a question about this spell quest like forever ago. I was super busy, so I had the sorcerer corner twins answer the question for me. They rock.

Anywho . . . Angus! Do your thing!



As you can see it was as easy as prism, bats, prism, heal, shield, and a treasure card shark. (YMMV) WOOT MINION SPELL!

Happy Dueling!


Panglou said...

LOL That is just too awesome.

Ryan Winterstone said...

Nice, and did you notice your site has over 1,000,000 views now?!?!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Btw, congratz on a million views TFN :D

Anonymous said...

How do you get that yellow chat? I've seen lots of people that have it on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Hey friendly, man you r awesome. i never knew you could go that far with no gear! ive been doing a little project of my own! im determening how far a wizard can go without a secondary school! so far im up to level 17 in krok as life. Happy dueling!

Blaze Silverfist said...

Gratz on 1,000,000 hits, bud. I'm so glad that I could be a part of it all. So many good times within all these posts. I love you, buddy. :)