Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Angus Unicornpants

Heya all,

I've just this morning decided to start a new side project for myself. It's something I've threatened to do in the past, but what the heck. No time like the present.

I'm going to take a character through as much of the game as possible with no clothes. By no clothes I mean nothing. All he has are his starter wand and deck.

Welcome Angus Unicornpants, everybody!


Fear his lack of responsibility to wear new clothes! Angus don't care none.

He hopes to see you in Celestia . . . with nothing but the robe on his back, hopefully, soloing the majority of the way--no outside help from other characters or anything. To top it off? He's a low hitpoint diviner. Angus don't care none.

His goal in life? To boldly say YOUR GEAR IS OVERRATED! Sure, he'll be mocked. Sure he'll be laughed at, but Angus don't care none.

He has all he needs to survive right there in his deck.

Make your bets now on how long he goes until the game stops him in his tracks.

Happy Dueling!


Isaac Mistheart said...

Big Ben will be his biggest challange MWahahahahahaha

Benjamin nightfist said...

good luck!

The Overachieving Necromancer said...

I say he's pretty much beaten when he's nearing late Wizard City (Nightshade), Krokotopia (BAD) and Marleybone. (Enough said.) If he makes it past all of those, I will make a post on my blog about how awesome ANGUS ANGUS ANGUS is.

El Nigromante

Paige MoonShade said...

Welcome Angus!

Ghostmancer said...

I'd bet he'd give up during Marleybone if he has NO outside help. 1000 hit point storm golem, remember?

Stingite said...

Just to clarify...I will be getting him new spells and leveling him up, etc ... Just not changing his clothes, deck, or wand while doing it.

Kevin BattleBlood said...

This means KingsIsle will promptly have to make a "Going Commando" badge.

Right on, good challenge!

Blaze Deathcaster said...

Could you at least have made his starter clothes match if he has nothing else to wear? :-P

I can't believe you went with storm; a school that relies so heavily on gear for both accuracy and health. Ice or death would have been much easier. If you wanted a challenge, I think you found it.

I'm anxious to follow this as I think it's a great example of finding new ways to have fun in the game. Good luck!

Smogger Smasher said...

GASP!! AVERT YOUR EYES!!! HE IS AU NATURALE!!! Hide your wife and children, and find a place to run cause he's Angus UnicornPANTS and he don't care none!!!

Zitio said...

Of all names to pair with Unicornpants, Angus??? Angus makes me think of beef! Basically, Angus Unicornpants makes me think of a beefy unicorn in his, ah, birthday pants.

Elijah Stormheart said...

Good luck, Friendly! You can do it!

Destiny StormStone said...

i agree with issac!
somewhere in marleybone is going spell his doom
(SPELL his doom!haha geddit?)
lame joke intended :P
good luck unicornpants

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Angus! Though your name is weird and your goal is weirder, I'm behind you!


Panglou said...

Thats um, going to be hard! Good luck little newbie Angus! Enjoy the challenge! :)

Marissy Petal said...

haha I started laughing the minute i read the post xD lol angus is a funneh name ANGUS ANGUS ANGUS ANGUS XD

Alura Duskblade said...

Angus's name is priceless! ^_^
Good luck!

(My bets are on early MB.)

Robert DragonHeart said...

My bet will be ether somewhere in wizard city three streets or somewhere in Krokotopia!

Fist of Fire said...

I guess you're going to die before marleybone. As a diviner, in marleybone you'll have probably about 600-800 health. I agree that a necromancer would be easier.

But this is angus unicornpants, he don't care none!

Lipsome123 said...

With my Legendary Necromancer I did the whole game with the starter deck, with a lot of soloing...not too hard since death is the best :D

James Iceheart

blaze duskblade said...

hey it is me blaze dusk blade friendly i just wanted to say that i beileve not bet believe angus can make it all the way to celestia and beat it rock on thomas o i mean angus

Mark Shadowrider said...

Best of luck to you, I'm doing a similar challenge that I'm calling the Hoarder's challenge. From the details you have given, I'd say the main difference between our two challenges is that one: I'm using an ice wizard, two: I'm only using school spells, no training points will be spent, and three: I'm accepting help, you can't solo this, not with that deck size.

With that last comment, if I find that I can't go through this with only a handfull of cards in my deck, I'm switching to balance, or I'm going to allow myself to spend a point on reshuffle.

Anonymous said...

You had to mismatch his clothes like that, didn't you. :P

-Jacob Soulshard

Christo Skywalker said...

Wow, your very brave. Lol
Like jumping of a cliff, bond to hit the bottom and die/quit
Good luck, your going to need it!!


Anonymous said...

first boss in krok will most likely take him down. My diviner, even with crowns gear, barley made it after made 5 tries

Anonymous said...

LOL your one brave soul!! No offense but that is wasting time.

Anonymous said...

I am going to agree with what most people have said and say he is probably not going to make it any further than early Marleybone; either Hyde Park or Chelsea Court will prove to be his undoing(considering most of those golems are storm).
Also, are you going to take him through Grizzleheim?
Good luck with the spell quests. Even though you have to solo a lot of those, there's very little hope against any of the notorious Chelsea Court bosses if you have no gear.
I am, nevertheless, rooting for Angus. Good luck!

Autumn Owlglade said...

i say he'll last till the end of KT, though i cant do the throne room of fire one my lvl 15 diviner WITH gear. but, honestly hes gotta have some help to survive the edn fo marlybone.
meowarty: geart is overrated? ah! i will squash you like a bug! MWUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats my bets. ill bet anyone who takes it, a polymoprh gobler, and my krasys hat he doesnt survive mooshu.

Dark said...

I totally agree with Angus UnicornPants! Clothing is quite overrated. If you're a high enough level and have a great strategy, you can do better than people who have the best clothes in the universe.

Just a few, little words of encouragement. :)

jacob said...

I want to challenge you!

jacob angelcaller, ice

if you see me. battle

Morgrim Trollfriend said...

I decided to start my own project like this over at my blog. I used randomization to choose his schools and name and here's what I got.

Talon Deatheyes
Pyromancer with secondary Death

Should be fun (from what you and Ditto have said it is!)