Monday, November 15, 2010

Massive Online Gamer 28 came in the mail!

It was a back-to-back Beckett's mail week for us. We got the FOG and then the MOG (Massive Online Gamer) magazine within just a couple days of each other.

The article this time is about my recent Austin trip with Jason Winter to go visit the Kingsisle offices and GDC Austin. I write about the KI tour; present snippets of an interview with Ben Conrad, Leah Ruben, Vlad Judys, Justin Wingard, and Karl Holbert; and discuss my time spent at GDC Austin. It's a three-page article with a full-page picture of Leah, Vlad, Justin, and Karl. (And there's a little picture of me and Jason by the KI doorway up on the top corner of page 72 ;))

poke poke!

I can't say thank you enough to the people who helped get me down there. It was an awesome experience and hopefully helped make an equally awesome article. Hope to do it again someday!

So, what's the free item in this mag you ask? It's the Krokotopian Hammock!

Kevin Battleblood (Hiiiii Kevin) reminded me that I had wished for a hammock at one time. :-) Nice! DREAMS COME TRUE! ;-)

As always, be sure to drop by the Beckett site and give your two cents. Don't forget that they have a poll going on right now. Rock the vote!

Happy Dueling!


Matthew Stormshade said...

hmm i guess i didnt get my hammock early after all... i did get it last week though.

Caroline Dawnrunner said...

lol i think you look like Brendan Fraser

Panglou said...

Ooh, thats a nice hammock, now I have 2 reasons to get it, You and an awesome hammock!