Saturday, April 10, 2010

Old Man Merle AND Malistaire vs. Friendly?

Ok, so, listen. Apparently the gauntlet has been thrown down and Blaze Duskblade is calling for a vote. The Friendly Necromancer (and his family apparently) vs. Malistaire and Merle Ambrose.

Sure it's an impossible question. How could I even pick a fight with the man? Malistaire? Pffft, I'm not even worried about Malistaire. Ambrose, meh, when have we even seen him fight before. He doesn't fight with you in the tutorial but somehow he had the ability to strengthen you outside the battle circle so you could stand up against a couple draconians . . . and that was it.

You know, and not to mention that I don't totally adore J. Todd Coleman, who is the Kingsisle employee that *is* the physical embodiment of Merle Ambrose. I mean, sure, I've stalked his twitters before, and yeah I have a poster of Malistaire above my computer with Ambrose's signature on it.

Why would I even want to pick a fight with Ambrose? I wouldn't!

On the other hand, the only time I've seen J. Todd Coleman really interface 1v1 with the fans was wayyyy back when they had the duel a dev feature. He got beat. Of course he was facing off against Angel Dragongem (not Alex Jaderider, my favorite all time pvp'er . . . I would have liked to have seen that). So if J Todd Coleman is at the controls, he's not *impossible* to beat. right? I know, it's a stretch.

So, impossible situations aside, the gauntlet was thrown. Who would win?

I've been getting my behind smoked over there in the poll, so I had to post Ambrose's secret weakness. Let me quote from about the third page of the thread:

"OK, wait . . . I hate to tell you guys this, but I was cleaning out Gamma's bird cage the other day when I was in detention, and he totally told me about Ambrose's weakness . . . so . . . apparently Ambrose has a weakness for not being able to attack you if you're wearing the Unicorn Way badge. I think I may pull out a win now."


So, let's see what happens if I get a little voting support from my readers, eh? Click here and ROCK THE VOTE!

(Side note: this question really is hilarious . . . It's like I'm starting to gain Chuck Norris status here on Wizard101 or something. Who'd win . . . Friendly or a pack of wild ninja pigs wearing spike armor with 100% death resists. Friendly. Who'd win . . . Friendly or a giant mutant mosquito with the Green Lantern riding on his back. Friendly.)

Happy Dueling!


Nails said...

Friendly vs Chuck Norris. Tie.

the sorcerer supreme said...

The Friendly Necromancer can duel with his eyes closed... while changing diapers.

Anonymous said...

hey friendly its me blaze thx for making this whole post about it thx its gonna get me a lot of posts and views now

Anonymous said...

62 replies and 453 views awesome i am fganna set a record for the most views

Shadowstalker said...

YOu went up five votes on the poll after you posted this. LOL!

Anonymous said...

in retrospect i should have put the friendly's

Anonymous said...

then how do you get the skeletal pirate pet if yo were walking around with one

Kevin BattleBlood said...

When you rearrange the letters in "Friendly Necromancer," you get "Confined Merry Lancer." When you rearrange the letters in "Merle Ambrose," you get "Mere Slam Bore." When you rearrange the letters in "Malistaire Drake," you get "Me Risk A Late Raid."

Yep, Thomas Lionblood will win!

Mike said...

Hey friendly, u soloed malistaire, and u could solo Ambrose as well, but both of them vs one grandmaster wizard? it's like soloing the grandmaster tower. I am a big fan of u friendly, but it's not possible.

SorionHex said...

Yep yep, to be honest Friendly xD You can easily fight Mallistaire, most people can, but Ambrose? Nah. You would barely be able to shield from his Headmaster Level in Astral Magic, and you don't even have the basic Astral magic spells yet >_> Poof! Sorry Friendly xD

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Poor seem to be getting it from so many for xD

Either way, it would be awesome to see that match!