Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ravenwood Newsletter and a Pretty Good Deal on Crowns

Just a quick note that the community newsletter is up! Check that out!

Also, and this is pretty huge, KI is holding a blowout sale on crowns. I mean, we've seen the 60$ subscription plan come and go, but we've NEVER seen a $60 for 60,000 CROWNS deal like this. This is astounding!

You know, I wonder if this is all in preparation for the crowns we'll be spending on the new pet enhancements and Celestia for the crowns players?

Load up your patcher and click that link if you're interested. That deal just seems too good to not call your attention to it (not like the patcher didn't do it's job, you know, I just had to report it because it's freaking monumental enough that my jaw dropped a little.)

Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

Oh! And crowns for dolphin mounts, that's mandatory!

David said...

I will definitely be looking forward to payday.

Edward said...

I hope I dont need 60,0000 Crowns for the pet enhancements. I dont have the money right now, and its a good thing that I might get to test it first to see :)

@jessica A dolphin really sounds funny (sea-ing) as we are underwater. LOL -Seaing- I am so funny.