Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Housing and Pet Links Taken Down Temporarily

Hey all,

I've removed the pet and housing links temporarily. Once I decide on a new hosting solution for those lists, I'll put them back up.

(They were out of date anyway and the popups were getting annoying.)

If you notice any other links that seem unsafe, please let me know!

Thanks and Happy Dueling!


Nails said...

Heh, Those pop-ups did stink. Friendly, where did ya get the abracadoodle you? I personaly would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one!

M.W.S said...

Cool... Nice abracadoodle btw...

Blaze Silverfist said...

Yeah, Friendly. Where DID you get it? Gosh I sound like the Barbie commercials. "Where'd ya get that?" -_-

Did you get it from the awesomesauce folks over at KI?

If it was a special gift to you, then you DEFINITELY deserve it because you are the epitome of awesomesauce.

Anyway, I love the new pic of you.

Please check out my blog and let me know what you think of it. (It's on your blogroll, thanks to your wonderful daughter! :D She's SUPER nice. You did a great job raising her.)

Ya, I sound kind of adult-esque right there. Creepy. O. o

So, see you soon. (Well, by "see" I mean read. And by "you" I mean your posts. XD)


Anonymous said...

what was that old pinchgreyrose prank from that old rafflew anyway

Mike said...

aww, i liked the pet link, it really has helped me in wizard101. but it will be back up, so i am good.

P.S. I agree with the others, THAT ABRACADOODLE IS AWESOME! :D

Sierra Starsong said...

Could you put those pages up at Google Docs and link to them there?