Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pet of the Day--Dragons!

Awwwwww, just look at this fun bunch of people showing the love for their dragons.

(That was an impromptu party that happened at Bailey's house the other day, btw.) Just look at all the different kinds of dragons we have represented in that picture! You've got everything from the Shardtail Dragon to the Pioneer Dragon in that mix!

Let's just do a quick run down of all the dragons there are in Wizard101:
1. The basic dragon. This is your basic, run-of-the-mill Wizard City bought dragon. It's totally customizable with your color choices so you can make your dragon match you. Prices start at 288 gold and go up to 1458 for the black/black combo dragon. Awesome.

I wonder if color will stay a cosmetic effect only or will color by itself take on a new meaning? There's so much to wonder about with how pet enhancements will really work. For instance what if black with black trim pets all had a card of Infection, or what if white with white trim pets had a card of Tower Shield? Hmm, I think they'd end up costing a lot more than 1458 gold, that's for sure! I digress.

2. Pioneer Dragon. These little guys were only available to those who helped with Beta testing the game. (card with Dragonblade on it)

3. Friendly Dragon. Up until about March 2009 you could get a pioneer-esque dragon for refering a friend to Wizard101. (card with Dragonblade on it)

4. Buddy Dragon. This was the replacement dragon to the Friendly Dragon referral gift. (sorry, no dragonblade card!)

5. Summer Dragon. This was basically a free dragon from KI. People went insane when Eggbert started basically giving these dragons away back in 2009.

6. Shardtail Dragon. This dragon is a code pet from Beckett's Magazine. I got one of those. yay. I do believe you can still order that particular issue of Beckett's if you're interested in it.

7. Gift Card Dragons. Oh man, there's a lot of these gift card dragons. There are giftcard dragons available at three locations: 7-11, Blockbuster, and Toys R Us. Each just a little different than the next and with 4 or 5 variations each. As per normal, if you're looking for gift cards, check the gift card pet page to see what your pet will be when you buy it. (The Sporty Dragon at Toys R Us has a balance blade card this month!)

I don't have a big nice concept art picture for the dragon, Unfortunately, but if I did, it would probably look a lot like that dragon you see when you click on the Shardtail Dragon link above.

So today is the day my friends! I don't care what kind of dragon you've got in your bags, show 'em off proudly today! Let 'em flap around you! Take 'em for a ride on the back of the dragon that takes you to Malistaire! Hang out with them in wizard city! Have a dragon party!

It's so unfortunate that we can't ride our dragon mounts and have our dragon pet flapping around us as well! I wonder if the pet enhancements will take care of that little problem? That would be awesome if it did! Don't you agree?

Happy Dueling!


Heather Emeraldflame said...

I know I've seen it before, but I can't remember; what issue and of which Beckett's magazine did the Shardtail come with?

I sorta think it's no longer available though(the magazine itself)?!?!

Amber RosePetal said...


Destiny Deathgem said...

my first picture in the blog! >:D

Destiny Deathgem said...

im the one with the purple dragon btw >:)

Grayson said...

Yay! Look at me! I'm the one with the dark green and orange dragon and the guy saying "Are you done with the pictures yet?" :) Cya in the Spiral!

Al Fonzo said...

I'm wit the shardtail dragon yelling "HEY MAMBO MAMBO ITALIANO!" LOLZ

Zachary Skywielder said...

i have guardian dragon, + 5% resist and one tower shield card! almost got enough gold for dragon mount! :)

Blake LionFlame said...


Des Deathgem said...


stingite said...

@Heather: Check

@Amber: !!

@Destiny: !!!

@Grayson: !!!!

@Al: !!!!!

@Zachary: Nice one man, that's a very cool dragon.

@Blake: !!!!!!

BLF said...

@Des, idk about you -.- I'M SUSPENDED TILL TOMORROW!!! Waa!

Cole Liongem said...

Hey Friendly! Where did you get that dragon that you have in the Malistaire dragon ride picture? i have seen tons of dragons with that pattern or the tiger pattern and i want to know where people are getting them (or got them). thx in advance.

Angel Darkblade said...

the shardtail dragon is actually available through the minigames on that's where i got mine :) you have to play a lot though...