Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pet of the Day--Treant

These dudes, are so awesomely funky looking, aren't they?

Look at that cool "Treebeard" (yeah, not hard to tell where they got that inspiration from, is it?) and the awesome looking tree claws! Look at the funky mushrooms and the spiral tattoo carving in the shoulder! LOVE THESE GUYS.

These two, would totally date in real life.

I could see them going to the clubs together. Getting down with the tribal beats.

So, out of the whole "Friendly Family of Characters" (tm) only Iridian and Bailey have these pets, and I do believe they also were both bazaar sniped. I did try to farm one of my own last night in preparation for Treant day . . . to no avail. Meh. You win some, you lose some. :)

And now, the last march of the ents from Lord of the Rings recreated in The Game Which Shall Not Be Named:

I love machinima. LOL!

So, break out the funk today and show off your funky pets! Today is the day of the treant! woot woot!

Happy Dueling!


Heather Emeraldflame said...

I got the ONE I have by accident, basically. I was really farming for the sword there for my first Ice wizard(now a Grand,) and I happened to get this on a drop. It was a nice surprise, though I still wanted the sword more. I finally did get said sword for all was good :)
The Treant I got went to my first Life Grand...figured it was fitting she have him.

IDK, Friendly, I think Dryad might be slightly creeped out by the old man look of the tree dude...he needs to visit a chiropractor, get his back looked at...all hunched over like he is. Plus he has like this ZZ Top look to him too. Also that second set of arms/hands that are very tiny...creepy!

Kevin BattleBlood said...

@ Heather: Ah, but it's on the inside that counts; Treant is the embodiment of gentleness and shelter. He carries baby birds on him all day and night...what potential mother wouldn't LOVE a man who's great with kids??

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@Kevin: lol...but you are assuming she is mother nature? How do you know she isn't really an independent tree lady?

And with Treant's bad back I think he would have a really hard time chasing those kids around the park or anything.

Otherwise; yes, the inside IS what matters most...but just sayin'!

Nails said...

Hey Friendly, on the "Ravenwood News" when you log on, they are advertising the message boards now!

Mythstone said...

Cool tre dudes, why is there no W101 on Machinima as a random question.

TheNiceIceWizard said...

LOL at Heather Emeraldflame's comment. OMG, I love the Treant pet, I dont have one, but I still LOVE it. It's SO cool. (I liked the little machinma from LOTR.)

Amber RosePetal said...

Darn...I accidently sold mine yesterday.

Anonymous said...

hey friendly its steven soulbreaker lol i just got around to readin the blog and saw your comment on how i didnt leave my information for the raffle but you can contact my at:

DeathRaven490 said...

I saw a treeant in the bazzar yesterday for 9090, which i think suck for a price because it doesnt give anything!

-cody shadowstrider

PS, about the meeting, I think we should do it on wednesday, same time, same place, but, dont forget please,

PPS, where do you farm treeants?

Anonymous said...

when are you gonn a put the pet and housing links back up

Alyssa said...

Hey, this is Destiny Seagem. Listen, I was looking through Kestrel Shadowthistle's blog today, and one of her pictures included a girl with a badge called "Kingsisle Support" How do you get that? Just wondering.

ZacMan said...

I got a pet Treant from my 25th time battling lady black hope. Richard shadowstaff level 25 adept wizard - Lovin' the blog