Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Cassandra Griffindreamer Song

It's true . . . I wrote a song about Cassandra Griffendreamer from WitchWarrior101 . . .

If you don't know Cassandra, you probably haven't read any of the diapermancer comics on this blog. I posted the first three Diapermancer comics on my blog and then I encouraged Cassandra to make a blog of her own!

She's awesome!

You might have heard her on wandcast as well. She usually does a segment (and then david usually complains for an extended period of time LOL).

I think you'll gather a few more things about Cassandra from this short song I crafted, which you may now download from Google Docs. I hearby give wandcast permission to play some of this song before Cassandra's segment if they want to! ;-)

Thanks for being awesome and helping the Molly and Bailey team so much as we progressed through Dragonspyre, Cassandra! You're a pleasure to play beside! The whole family has been singing "CAAAASAAANDRAAAAAA GRIFFENDREAMEEEEEER!" The past week. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...


witchwarrior said...

*blushes* yw!! nyuu. x3
btw it's GriffInDreamer

CD said...

I keep getting a 403 error - forbidden. I know it is forbidden for me to interfere with human history, but no one talked about downloading a Griffindreamer song.

stingite said...

OK, new link for the song!

/crosses fingers

/hugs technology

CD said...

It worked, thanks.

AutumnalDusk said...

Well done, as usual. ;) Now that I've heard it, ans sampled your cruuent, and lofty, skill level, I have a request: I want a Nanamancer mix! XD PLease? Pretty, pretty please?

Cole Liongem said...

the song made me lol