Monday, April 5, 2010

The Friendly Necromancer Interview

Hey! I don't know if you all have seen this over on Merlin's Secret Journal, but he recently sent me a few questions, and I did my best to type back to him.

You should go check it out! (Sorry about the typos in advance *blush*)

Play a game of Pac-man while you're over there too! That should have been my question to him: What's your high score on Pac-man?

I really do think he knows more about my blog than I do. hehe. In his honor we decided to retire Elie Pearlbreaker (sorry, your list is already out of date) and make a brand new character! Introducing, ROWAN RAVENSHARD!

Thanks for the interview, Nails!

Happy Dueling!


Taji34 said...

Hey friendly, i know that i would be a copier but this post gave me the inspiration to write my own interview for some of the official bloggers, i can probably find a way to contact the other bloggers but i don't know how to contact you. can you tell me how?

Nails said...

Mah highstore is 5032!

Jessica said...

Some blogs have their email posted on it, and some are on their profiles. Search around, and I think you'll find them.

Nails said...

Or should I now say 6678 ;) I shall be pac-master now!

Anonymous said...

when are you gonna make new comics

jesse ^_^ said...

friendly that is lucky for the interview lol and thanks on saying that shout out the other day on ravenwood radio lol from california lol thats me anyway I would to do the same to bad I have no time for a blog.

stingite said...

@Taji: I recently took down my e-mail because I couldn't keep up with the questions. is the best way to contact me.

@Nails: pfft, I can get that in my sleep.

@anon: Now that I've stopped answering questions all the time . . . probably soon!

@jesse: SHOUT OUT TO CALI! :-)

Deathcrafter said...

I'm loving myth right now, lvl 20
It;s fun with the minions

Edward JadeEyes said...

Well, KI is interviewing YOU! That is just so awesome, Friendly. My hat's off to you.

Please tell me you have found a way to make a living playing Wizard. It gives us something to dream about! ROFL

I need to catch up on my backlog of Wizard AMV projects. I may be coming up for air and hope to start another one soon.

Edward JadeEyes

stingite said...

@Edward: ?

Nah, that's not KI interviewing me. It's another blogger. I wish KI was paying me! I just do this for pure enjoyment.