Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Detective Friendly here. I have a few facts to post:

1- At 12:49 pm one AutumnalDusk posted the following comment on my blog about the Celestia Wallpaper, "An interesting series of observations, old friend."

2- At 1:42 pm (I don't know if it was her time or my time or someone else's time) one AutumnalDusk posted the Celestia wallpaper to her blog, which has been dormant for about 8 months. You'll notice there's something slightly different about that picture on her blog . . .

3- Around 4:00 pm, @AmberStarGem on Twitter said, "OMZ AUTUMN FROM HOMEWORK POSTED AGAIN!!"

4- shortly thereafter, @Shadowthistle responded, "@AmberStarGem Woah! OMM! (moomintroll)"

5- Around 5:00 pm, @mooncatcher101 responded, "@AmberStarGem Check out a comment she left on W101 Info."

6- At 6:00 pm, Isacc Mistheart posted the following comment on my blog, "Um friendly HW in a Graveyard just posted thought you might want to know."

7- Also at 6:00 pm, Icywiz retweeted, " RT: @AmberStarGem: OMZ AUTUMN FROM HOMEWORK POSTED AGAIN!!"

. . .

Hmmm, Detective Friendly thinks that perhaps Autumn has taken a moment away from her Forsaken World Blog to give us all a hello! Does this now mean I can remove it from the dust of the Blogger Archives and put her back in her rightful spot in the active blogroll? Hmmmm.


Thanks for all the heads up guys and AUTUMN! YOUR HOMEWORK HAS BEEN PILING UP WHILE YOU'VE BEEN AWAY!!!! /whipcrack

Happy Dueling!


Taji34 said...

I know see my post about it. I found out from Wizard101 info! So cool yet so mysterious. well if she comes back i can meet her and interview her!

The Evil Theurgists said...


AutumnalDusk said...

The one thing, that W101 has, that no other game I've ever played has, is the most persistently awesome group of players.

Cody Shadowstrider said...

No offense, but never heard of you see YA!

-Cody Shadowstrider

Taji34 said...

@The Evil Theurgists: Hey I know this is a kind of indirect way of contacting you but I have an interview for you and I don't know how to contact you! Is there a way I can contact you?

@AutumnalDusk: Nice Avi!