Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Today!

My good friend Mecatz caught me in game this morning and reminded me that today is the day of her scavenger hunt!

You really should go to this link and check it out!

There some great prizes for 1-3rd places! 20k, 10k, or 5k crown gift items! WOW!

This one doesn't look as tough as the other scavenger hunt that I've participated in on Central. Anyone remember this scavenger hunt? Yikes. I only got half way through that one! This scavenger hunt on the other hand looks to only have 5 questions. whew. That's something that even I could probably handle. ;-)

Best of luck with the scavenger hunt!

Thanks for the tip, Mecatz!

Happy Dueling!


Ryan Winterstone said...

I can't get into w101 central for some reason. it just keeps loading forever and never works. any1 else have same problem?

PewterNerd said...

Hey Friendly! Thanks to you and your timely information, my daughter jumped in at the last second and stole 3rd place in the scavenger hunt competition! So, I just want to say - THANKS FRIENDLY NECROMANCER, BAWK, BAWK!

Imagine that every time the Easter Bunny is mentioned, they really mean to say "Friendly Necromancer", and click HERE!

stingite said...

@Ryan: A lot of people seem to have this problem. Some of the problem stems from the registration process and the way you have your internet security set up if I remember right.

@Pewter: WOOT! TELL HER GRATZ! Thanks for the video LOL.