Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pet . . . mania . . . has . . . begun

Ok, I'm at work, I take a little break and twitter a couple things . . . go back to work and an hour passes . . . Bailey calls me.


I do the whole, "wha, wha?" thing.

Check Twitter again.


So I retweet about five of the messages and start watching the clock . . . COME ON CLOCK!

Drive home.

Hop on the computer.


Check it out, now, don't even read the rest of the post if you haven't watched this. Come back afterwards.

. . .

Ok, I've grabbed a few stills from the video itself. Let's look at some of this.

This is a firezilla pet running around in a pac-man like maze collecting power dots of some sort. It's obviously some kind of mini-game for your pet where you assume control of your pet and drive it around the maze. I love that I can become my pet. We kind of all knew that was going to happen, but seeing it is believing it. I wonder exactly what the goal of this game is? Will it be to get from the start to the end or is it going to be more like a pac-man type game where something is chasing you? Will it get progressively harder? I'm interested in seeing how this maze game is actually implemented.

This to me looks like a ghoul pet being launched out of a cannon into a target. I love it. I'm instantly reminded of the Toon Town party cannons. I wonder if we'll be competing against other people in a target game or if this is a solo challenge. I'd hope that it was a multiplayer experience since, you know, this is an MMO. (I love the tree that's a stand up target to the side. hehe) BULLSEYE! I'd love to have a cow pet from mooshu and say that as I shot him through the air at the target . . . jus' sayin'.

Ok, there were tons of shots in the video of pets hanging out in houses and dorm rooms. It appeared as if you could call your pets to you. Awesome. I can't wait to unleash my five pages of pets into my house. This is a direct request that many people made on the pet thread that started a year ago on central. Good call, KI. BTW, CHECK THE SKELETAL PIRATE PET OUT, YO! TAKE THAT HATERS! WORD! ;-) Also, is there something strange looking about that ghost pet in the back or is it just me?

Here we have what must be a NEW pet. It's a Freddy Nine Lives running the new derby race. You hear that? FREDDY NINE LIVES PET? TAKE THAT CAT HATERS! I would love to have a Freddy Nine Lives pet. hehehe. It's good to see that the pets are running on their legs as "exercise" instead of driving cars. I like that. It makes more "sense" to me.

What, pray tell, is Merle doing in the Storm School here? Could it be that storm magic is what is causing all this advanced pet mania? I think so. Obviously we've seen Dr. Katzenstein (or his more sociable counterpart) using the power of electricity to channel pets into an egg. I wonder if Merle will be sending us first to the storm school on our quests for this new found magic of increasing and modifying the powers of our pets.

. . .

Honestly, I can't wait for this to hit the game. I'm pretty sure that over the next few months pet farming is going to be huge. I'M PROPETS Y'ALL!

As I've tried to communicate in the past, this expansion really will bring something wonderful to the spiral. Count on it.

Happy Dueling!


Wizard 101 Info said...

Friendly, did you notice the Skeletal Pirate pet in the video?!? LOL! Seriously, though, there was one.
No joke.

Wolf MoonSinger said...

Great thought on the rampant storm magic stuff Friendly! I wouldn't have thought of that. :)

stingite said...

@infokid: YES! I SAW!

@Wolf: seems awfully suspicious having merle talk to us from the Storm School . . .

Mike said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!11 I CANT WAIT!!!! i just hope your pet's don't run away if you don't feed them. that would be awful. :(

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

*shoots cow pet into target*

Maybe you can't combine pets, there are just some new ones to hatch...

Lady blackhope, rattlebones, freddy nine lives, maybe other bosses... Noticing a pattern here?

Heather Emeraldflame said...

You know how us Storm people like to dabble in Science so much ;-)

Paige MoonShade said...

Here kitty kitty kitty ;)
I so cannot wait to get into test :D

David Frostcrafter said...

hey, i didnt see any dragons or piggles, no flying pets roaming? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....................?

Cody skyrider said...

Friendly here's some friendly advice test realms out tomorrow at 4.00 if its not out then sometime before may 1st.

there you go some knowledge.

Al Fonzo said...

Notice how Myth people do hardly nothing, and Storm and the others schools are. Why?? Because we're lazy, and just party all the time. Sure we'll get the pets, but we will be signed down as cotributors, did we do any work??


Not one bit.

Blaze Duskblade said...

your right that ghost is doing something weird back their

M.W.S said...

Wizard101 is sort of appearing now like Toontown...

Alex Deathshade said...

i am so, so so so so so so going mad right now
i wonder if the hatchery will be CROWNS?
if they are, i am spending all that money i have and buying crowns.

Alex Deathshade said...