Monday, April 26, 2010

Leveling fast and Grizzleheim houses?

Ok, I have a couple of questions here from a couple of posts yesterday.

Olivia Ashbringer asks this:

Okay, I wanted to ask you a question, as I've seen other people do that, but had no idea where questions were supposed to be submitted!

So, I'm just going to ask it here, if that's okay.

I discovered KingsIsle's youtube channel today and was going through all their videos and I saw this one:

Three seconds into it is housing I've never seen before. It looks like Grizzleheim housing, of which I thought there was none!

Am I right?

I'm actually in the middle of a break on answering questions because it was burning me out, and I wanted to just talk about pets and whatever I wanted for a little bit. I talk a little bit about that on this thread.

Your question has actually been asked before believe it or not! Check this out.

My current theory is that Grizzleheim housing exists, but it hasn't been implemented in the game. There must be a problem with it of some kind or it would have been released by now. So, I'm not getting my hopes up to see it at this point. I know, I'm being all Debbie Downer about it, but it's 2010! Grizzleheim is so 2009! ;-) Hopefully those words come back to haunt me.

Second question comes from Anon:
Hey Friendly, love the blog, I check it out all the time! Anyway, I was wondering how you leveled up so fast. I remember in one post you said you were level 16 halfway through Wizard City. You've gotta have some kinda method right? Please pass on your gaming knowledge to me and I will be gratefull

Thank you, kind anon!

Well let's see, here's a couple links for you.


About two weeks ago I made some kind of mental breakthrough with Wizardblox, and I now seem able to break the 500,000 point barrier! This means that my reward is going to be an experience boost potion. Awesome. Just remember the best way to use those is to get a number of quests right to the edge of where you are going to finish it, and then finish them all up while your potion is burning.

. . .

You know what kills me? (No friendly, what kills you?) What kills me is when people try to make a battle last as long as possible so they get more experience points. Oh it just kills me. Seriously. In the time that it takes to really get up into some good experience points from a battle, you could have completed a slew of quests, and QUESTS (outside of Grizzleheim ;-) I'm such a Debbie Downer on Grizzleheim today) are where the real experience points are earned in this game. The faster you do those kill quests and collection quests, the faster you level.

Delaying a battle for experience points is so Unicorn Way, yo.

*nasty taste in mouth*

Happy Dueling!


Heather Emeraldflame said...
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Bailey said...

FYI Heather, I never have used an elixer and made GM just fine too. But it took me a long time and that is fine, cause of course I enjoyed everything and even more I didn't neglect my responsiblilities as a mother to do it! Friendly (as Molly) on the other hand is on lvl 46 cause I can play while friendly is at work and the baby is napping. So he hasen't found the time to catch up to me with Molls so XP elixer works great!
And yes, someone has told me before that they wanted the fight to drag out as long as possible for the XP, I was so confused cause I never heard of that so I asked friendly about it. He told me that yes it does give more XP that way, but not enough to really make a difference unless you're a free player so that is probably what he is thinking about. And sure, everyone loves a big hit from time to time, but not every battle.... right? SO yeah!
And BTW I know friendly would love to see GH housing too. We're just not getting our hopes up.
@ Friendly: Sorry for the long comment hun. If I had my own blog I would have just told poeple to head over there if they wanted to hear my thoughts about this.

Heather Emeraldflame said...
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Bailey said...

@ Heather, if by big hits you mean defeating the enemy in one shot, then yes I do that all the time! I think it actually speeds up the fight, but I dont feel the need to get super high number damage every battle, like overkill. But to each thier own, right.
And agreed on the noob lvl stuff!
LOL about the blog I'm more of a reader than a writer, but if I did make one I would call it Bailey's Spellbook I:
And I was never heard from again;)

CD said...

I saw plenty of wizards trying to make the battle last as long as possible. Most of the time they're free players who ran out of quests, but sometimes it's players who do it to get higher xp or better drops. As long as i'm not in the battle i couldn't care less if the battle lasts 50 rounds, but i don't have the patience for that. I prefer fast battles.

@Heather: Friendly's point was not that you should use elixirs, i think he meant that when you can get them for free (wizardblox), when you should use them for best result.

@Bailey: Congrats on reaching uber leet status :)

Person who hates Wizard101 said...
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stingite said...

Sorry to delete your comment, but if thus keeps up I'm going to start taking stricter measures on my blog. You're just making my life more difficult at this point. Steer away from the personal attacks please. Cripes.

Person who hates Wizard101 said...
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Gil said...
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Anonymous said...


Olivia Ashbringer said...

... Don't think I want to know what went on before I got here.

Sorry about the random question attack. I'm so hot and cold with w101 that I don't always see every post, so I wasn't aware of the break. But thanks for answering anyway!

I kind of figured that was the case too, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. I hope they add it in at some point. I love the look of Grizzleheim (though not the quests, so much).

As for the other question, I've never used a potion, and I'm not an active gamer, and I've managed to make it to almost 46 in less than 6 months.

My advice is to take your time and make it last. I love to savor each world and go slowly so I don't get burnt out.

Right now I kind of want to hurry so I can be ready for Celestia, but at the same time I'm already halfway through Dragonspyre, and I don't want to rush through the last part of this major story arch and possibly miss something.

DomonuT said...

Can someone explain how to ask Friendly a question? I feel like such a Nobb O.o

Anonymous said...

FReindly, where do we leave questions!

Anyway I have one: Is there a way to get a higher power pip chance without leveling up?\


MacaroniMan17 said...

Umm, they have a furniture shop in Grizzlehelm next to the west gate of the fortress thing in the middle of northguard where all the other equiptment stands are, it has a house and bed drawn on cloth hanging over the door...even though they don't sell houses there yet. I think there's only like two items in it so far though.