Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celestia Wallpaper examination

I just put the Mooshu wallpaper and the Celestia wallpaper side by side and kind of did a compare and contrast between the two. I then tried to write all over the Celestia poster to just kind of put down my thoughts as I looked at it.

Take a look at what I've done here (click to make it bigger):

What do you think?

Happy Dueling!


Jasmine SoulBreaker said...

If the posters are structured in the same way, then that one in front should be the leader.. and maybe the one in the left side is the most powerful main boss/creature (like the oni) and the one in the right side should be the most powerful side boss/creature(just like oak'heart) ..I agree with what you discoverd
do you know when the next 'piece' of Celestia will come out? when will they show us more?

Jasmine SoulBreaker said...

uh.. the leader of the world is what I meant.. like the emperor or whatever his name is -_-

P.D. (Luke GoldHorn) said...

I think thats really cool. Love your ideas. It would be really awesome if the submarine was like the last dungeon, and you like rode a sea horse or something to get there, like you ride a dragon to Malistare. Also, where did you get that Mooshu poster? I wanna get all of them and print them out. Anyways, I think the NPCs are Marley Bonians. You can check out my blog later today (The Pyromancer's Digest on Central), because later today I'll be posting my own poster thoughts. Thanks for your opinion FN,

P.D. (Luke GoldHorn)

M.W.S said...

CT is gonn probably be a shorter world than MS etc... Just guessing by looking at the figures on both posters...

cody sky rider said...

Hi freindly i have a theory about celestia.

Some people in Marleybone said that they had been to celestia.

There are allot of marleybone looking things down there.

So what if the marleybonians are like mining something down there?

other wise the submarines an domes are a total mystery.

(ps. why would they crabs need the domes if they can breath in water?)

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Couldn't have guessed these better myself! I do hope that with the new world, Kings' will pull off some kind of twist from the traditional pattern, just for that slow rise one gets when watching a Shymalan movie.

Perhaps the crustaceans are more aggressive than the Manders when it comes to foreign visitors, and thus they must be defensive rather than evil? I know I would wield a weapon if invertebrates started putting domes filled with sea-water on land. What's your take on it, Friendly?

Sierra Starsong said...

We may not get new houses with Celestia, since the dome look pretty much is the Storm school house. In which case, the Life school house may be the closest we'll get to Grizzleheim housing.

Or (if we're lucky) they'll add world-based houses to both worlds at the same time.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@P.D: You can get the wallpaper, and many others from the game by going here:

@Cody: I've had that exact thought that they are mining or farming something there. It just looks that way because of the types of equipment that are in the background.

@Sierra: There IS concept art for the GH housing though. So I wonder if that will not finally be available at some point. I have really been hoping to get it for my newest Ice wizard and maybe one Life wizard too.
I sort of agree, though, that we might not get housing for this world since the Storm school house already has this look. But then, you never know; KI might "surprise" us with something even more fantastic :)

@Friendly. It's funny now that I really stare at the Mooshu poster some more. That really DOENS'T look the same as the Jade Palace. Where is the Moodah? And the buildings don't look quite right either.
Anyway; nice job trying to figure out what some of this stuff on the Celestia poster is and what it means :)

Edward said...

Well Lets see if your right, I can't wait until they start showing the people in the pictures.

I hope they give us some info on the person(s)/mod monster/bosses when they give us there image :)

Anonymous said...

The way all characters are in a "V" shape is the same.

The Infamous Super Death Wizard said...

Nice find, Friendly. Hm, it looks like the Celestia poster has much fewer figures than the MooShu one. Have you tried comparing any other posters together? There might be a pattern. Or it could just be nothing :P!

As for the no new houses for Celestia, well, the Storm house isn't exactly like Celestia, so there still might be new houses. After all, Celestia is a main world, and Grizzleheim, a side world, already has something for housing done.

Oh, and by the way, the Moodha is supposed to be in front of the people standing in the MooShu poster. That's why we can't see it. It's "behind" our view, so, there's still a chance that what we see in the Celestia poster is somewhere near the Celestia spiral door.

stingite said...

@Jasmine: It looks like sometimes the main bad guy is centered and sometimes the main good guy is centered in the middle, so they aren't always structured *exactly* the same way. /shrug . . . i hope we see a new piece of the puzzle every other week.

@Luke: Good to see a Central blogger posting here, Luke. PM me over at Central if you'd like to be added to my blogroll. The wallpapers for Wizard101 are all scattered throughout the net on fansites, but Heather links you to them in her comment below: https://www.wizard101.com/game/downloads

@MWS: You know, the Krokotopia wallpaper doesn't have many NPCs in it as well. I wonder if it'll be along those lines.

@Cody: could be! At this point I wouldn't put down any idea. Wizard City and Marleybone are really the only two places where you hear about Celestia. Good point.

@KBB: I agree with you on the twist from the traditional world. hehe. Yeah, isn't all evil just kind of misunderstood outcasts anyway. ;-) Any invasion of territory would be a threat to a crab. Agreed. Especially when the invaders come armed with shell crackers, butter, and lemon.

@Sierra: I'd like to believe we'll be lucky! /crosses fingers

@Heather: I think what you see is a lot of photoshop manipulation in all of these wallpapers. I personally do see the jade palace in the background though.

@Edward: I can't wait either! It'd be great if they'd give us a name to go with the picture as well for sure.

@anon: Yup, all in the V shape agreed.

@SDW: yeah, I probably should have put the Krokotopia picture side by side with it since I think the same "sparseness" with characters is there in that poster as well. The only problem there is that Krokopatra is the center figure . . . this dude with the lantern just doesn't strike me as a bad guy.

You're absolutely right about the Grizzleheim house. I wonder why we've never got that?

Good point about Moodha, but the walls of the shops to the side kind of throw me with that. It's probably more conceptional rather than strictly acurate anyway. I can see the Jade Palace in the background for sure.

Thanks for the comments all!

Chris Dusksword said...

Hey friendly, I know this is off topic, but I have a question that was probably asked but just simply did not see it! Now that I beat the game (despite making a new character)I have been looking out for the best looking clothes for my people. I like those ones with the symbolic patterns, but ya know, most of those make you look like a noob =/ so if you could help me out here, with the best looking clothes (I don't care about stats, I can just stitch) that would be great, thanks!
***Chris Dusksword, death, level 50***Connor Dragonrider, fire, level 36***

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@Stingite(Friendly: I think, maybe, you misunderstood. I didn't say I didn't see the Jade Palace, it's right there, the big, red building, but I don't see the Moodha. Also ON the Jade Palace there are two yellow, decorative looking things that stick up off either side.

But this is definitely the Jade Palace, it is NOT the building which you come out of which houses the doorway to Mooshu. That buidling looks completely different, and certainly isn't even red!

I agree, though, Friendly, about it being more conceptual art. I couldn't say it was "photoshoped" because it's KI's artwork, they can make it look however they want; it's theirs to do with as they please, and they would have to alter nothing about it.But that was kinda my point. What we see might not be exactly what we get when we do get to go to Celestia. This mystery wallpaper may be a very random background that is "somewhat" like the starting area, but not quite.

According to (about) the area the people in the MS poster are standing they would HAVE TO be in front of the Moodha.The group is standing in the center of the front corners of the shops that are just before you actually enter the Palace area with all the grass and the statue there. You can also see the two grey, pagoda-topped obelisk-type things to either side of the road, just like the entrance to what is considered to be the "commons" area(where you end up when you click for the Jade Palace/Commons from anywhere in MS.

Though the Emperor's head might be in the way of the Moodha from that distance, but not from THAT angle...you would have to have the camera tilted down a little more to get his head in the way, and then the shops corners would appear higher than the people.

Not that any of this really matters...I was just pointing out that things are not always the same as they will be when it comes to this concept art. :)

Heather Emeraldflame said...

umm...I meant to say that corners of the shops would appear MUCH higher than the people, more-so than they are. And you would also have more view of the ground from that angle. So it's definitely not completely accurate. To see what I mean just go stand there and turn facing the building with the Spiral door inside. I am doing this while sitting on a horse, so I am even higher than usual, which many of the people/creatures of MS are much taller than us wizards anyway...so it gives me a better idea being up higher.

stingite said...

@Heather: yeah, when I say "photoshopped" I'm not meaning that some outside source made this, I mean, that they used photoshop to create this awesome looking poster. I actually have two full blown posters of the Marleybone and Krokotopia wallpapers (direct from KI) hanging in my kids rooms. When you get up close to them, you can tell that the characters were cut out of a screenshot in the game and then pasted in to the poster. You can tell other elements were cut out or moved closer together so as to create a tight scene without too many distractions in the shot. They want a lot of the attention to be right on the characters. So, I can easily see them "photoshopping" out some elements to make the poster more aesthetically pleasing.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@Friendly: I agree with you there, in that meaning...it was made in photoshop, cut and pasted elements to come together. Sorry, just when I hear that word these days, to me, it means it's not the original work and has been deviated from such. I think we are actually trying to say the same thing here, but in a different way ;)
I can see it too, even without having a huge version of it like you do. Actually Visual Communications was part of my major in college, so I've done a lot of manipulating myself :)

The term "photoshopped" has become sort of a bad thing in the media these days. There are always people messing with things and making them unlike what was really there originally...like you with your skeleton pirate pet...haha!

Again, I think we were really trying to say the same things, just differently. And, again, you did a very good job on comparing these pictures and trying to give some insight into what it all means. So you get a free box of Fizzle-Sticks and a cup of Mango-juice for your efforts :D

Philip said...

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SorionHex said...

Ya know Friendly, now that I look at it closely, there's a pet on that poster. See the smallest shadow there? Roundish. That's the Goblin pet thing from the Hatchery poster =) That's one filled in =)

alex deathshade said...

well the guy with the lantern has a scabbard at his side telling us they use swords there.

AutumnalDusk said...

An interesting series of observations, old friend.

dvalexander said...

the mooshu picture looks like the area at the end of the dungeon where the plague oni is. So the celestia one may not be the shopping/ common area either. The whole dome thing is a common thing from movies etc. when it comes to people being underwater. For example, gungan city in StarWars. Just some ideas to think about. ;)

Christopher Willowstaff said...

Okay people were asking about the domes and machinery so i'll explain a little:

Celestia used to be on an island (like Atlantis) but then people attacked. The people summoned the storm lord (they are storm people) to help them, but in the end he betrayed them. They built the domes so that someone would be able to survive, but nobody survived as intended. So the domes sank underwater and the crabs probably found an airlock or something and got in. They evolved into a sentient species and now they're known as the Crustaceans. The Marleybonians were trying to find Celestia and they did, but now they want our help. That's where the preview quests start. That's all the background I have on Celestia, hope this helps!