Thursday, April 8, 2010

I should have probably not even woke up today


Ok, so let's start with a sad tale of Friendly's Huge Day of Misunderstanding.

FHDOM . . . emphasis on "dom," 'cause today I think you all lost braincells by reading my blog, and I am just dumb.

1- So, early this morning around 4:30 am I had this note on my computer from my wife that said, "Look what day it is!" In my half groggy state, I looked at the calendar and it said 8 April. So I'm thinking, "What the heck does 8 April have to do with the price of rice in China?" I use some creativity and I see that April is the fourth month and I'm thinking . . . ok . . . 4/8 . . . like 48! OHHHHH! My wife wants me to brag about her being level 48 on the day 4/8! So I make a post about it; you know . . . gotta do what the boss says. This was wrong.

What she was trying to tell me was that on the screen that she had left up, there was a weird patcher message. The patcher message was saying that would be closed due to maintenance from 3am to 4am and you'd be able to be in game but not access crowns . . . etc. . . . and that this would happen on "December 3rd, 2009." SOOOOO, she wanted me to notice that perhaps Kingsisle had cut and paste an old message and forgot to replace the date. LOL! She didn't want me to even blog about it. She just wanted me to see it.

After I leave for work, she takes down the message because, well, friendly didn't get it. Me dumb. Of course, people have already commented on that message and she didn't know that.

Me dumb.

2- I farmed War Oni this morning alright. I farmed him and I used the second chance chest twice on every character even to get this elusive Firewing pet, and I DID in fact get the Firewing pet on Bailey.

I immediately went into Bailey's backpack and found two firewings; however, what I didn't know is that Amber had been bazaar sniping the other day and bought Bailey another firewing when she already had one. What I also didn't know is that Bailey's backpack was full and overflowing into the bank.

So I come on here thinking I'm all that and telling people that WAR ONI NO DROPPY CARD PET WHAT THE HECK!!!!

me dumb.

To make matters worse, I don't stop there, I e-mail greyrose and BARK and BARK and BARK about how something was wrong. Somehow I think I confused her in the process and she comes back with an e-mail stating this:

"There are two firewings in the game - one with a card and one without.

The one without a card drops from War Oni.

The one with a card drops from Ember Everburn.

Hope that helps."

So NOW I think I have ammunition, right?

Somehow I created the perfect storm of dumbness. I'm even confusing Greyrose at this point. I even confuse the master of pets and he changes the pet list at Central. MY WORD!

SO IN CONCLUSION AND IN SUMMARY . . . me dumb. And YES the Master of Pets was absolutely correct.

War Oni drops pet with card. Everburn drops pet with no card.

. . .

Can I please have a re-do on this day? Please? Only this time I don't have to go to work, I don't confuse everyone and their glitch dog, and I also get fed grapes while I sit under a nice palm fan? Please?

. . .

I think I'm just going to go over here in the corner and twitch for a while.


Happy Dueling.


Heather Emeraldflame said...

ROFL!!! *Dies* xD

I think you need to take a little break, get some sleep. You are trying to do too

I am glad you got it all settled in the end. And, hey, everyone has a day like that once in a while, so no worries :)

stingite said...

I think it's karma from the whole Skeleton Pet April Fool's joke.


Johnist said...

Friendly, you just proved 2 things:

1) You are a Mortal, not a god.

2) Even Semi-immortal bloggers (who sometimes get killed by Orrick) can make mistakes.

If you find a time machine for the do-over, let us know where to get one for ourselves.

Johnist said...

Hey, maybe Greyrose can loan you the KI Time Machine?

Jessica said...

Don't worry, that's me every day.

Just don't smack you head on your desk and say, "I give up."

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@Friendly: Possibly!

Well, we do know you didn't do this one ON

M.W.S said...

Get some sleep...

David Frostcrafter said...

lol, friendly you need to stop looking so hard, lol, you went to all the trouble of the 4/8 idea to realize KI has a time machine,read.

Awesome Diviners said...

Poor Friendly :(. Well tomorrow is a new day, so forget about yesterday :)

Lenora NightWraith said...

We're all entitled to have our "Dur" days. Just gotta remember there's always tomorrow and a chance for it to be better.

Jasmine SoulBreaker said...

rofl! I agree with karma!
and I told myself last year that I won't be fooled again!
I'm sorry for you.. it happens :D
Everybody has bad days.. just relax a bit

Mike said...

How do you know he is not a god johnist? DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!

jk :D

Sierra Starsong said...

At least I'm not the only one who wanted a re-do on yesterday. {{hugs}}

Edward said...

Well That Karma at its best I think, See friendly when you miss with the Pet Master Bad things do indeed happen :)

And Poor Prof. Greyrose ...

Well I say if you have a pet question just ask me.