Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wizard101 Happy Dueling Card Game

Here it is at long last! Kept you guys waiting long enough, didn't I?

Click here to download the Happy Dueling Card Game file. That link will take you over to Google Docs where I've uploaded Version 1 of the card game. It's a 7mb, 13 page .pdf file for you to print out or take to a printer to have printed out. (shhh, also check it out, I loaded a few of my remixes up there to for you to download!)

This file comes complete with instructions, links, cards, and ideas for expanding the game. I'm calling this version 1.0 of the .pdf file since I'm sure there will be more suggestions and ideas that will come out of this.

My wife and i love to play this together (even though she pretty much destroys me at it). Our kids love to play this with dad as well. So, I hope your family enjoy this game as much as ours!

Thanks for all your support, readers!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

friendly plz also make it so we can print rules plz

Anonymous said...

and whats a pog

Anonymous said...

and can you plz make me a card

name:blaze duskblade
you can use the picture from centreal
favorite saying:game on
favorite spell:scarecrow
goal:to get all badges and do all side quests i skipped

plz make me a card

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Thanks for posting the mixes too, Friendly! :)

Anonymous said...

what are mixes

Kevin BattleBlood said...
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Jessica said...

Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!

witchwarrior said...

So much fun!

Tyler JadeBlade said...

Hey friendly I was wondering how you made the cards? In the videos they don't look like printer paper.

Anonymous said...

Hiya i've heard of you before... my person's name (one of my peoples names) is emily goldenleaf, lvl 50 grandmaster of balance (with Rascal!!! :D ) i was wondering if you knew how to be hired by mr. lincoln to become a helper for the afternoon or something???? my friend did, and it sounds kinda interesting..! (i dont blog much though heheheh and Wizard101 rules!!!!!!)

Rylee ♥ Dee said...

Friendly! Today's Ravenwood News section mentions your card game! Congrats! :P

M.W.S said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

friendly my cards turned out redish alot what is wrong and are they suppossed to have white backs

stingite said...

@anon (um, blaze I think?): Yup, you can print out the instructions. Pogs are the round circle pieces. I'm hoping people will try to make thier own cards at this point instead of have me make them. The mixes are my song remixes that I linked to.

@Tyler and anon as well: I printed out my cards at FedEx. It was super simple actually. I just e-mailed them the file, then went down and told them which file was mine. Then I told them which pages to print out in color on cardstock. One page of backs has been included in the file and you'd request them to print that page on the back of all the card pages. It was a little costly, but it was so worth it to finally get the cards made. Also at FedEx they had a cutting board right there so I could cut my cards nice and straight.

@anon: The color problem might be due to an issue with your printer. Seriously, the best is to call a copy shop and send them the file to have them print it out in color on cardstock. It turns out so nice that way!

Tesh said...

Nice. *downloads and reminds self to play sometime...*

Crunch mode at work doesn't lend itself well to much recreation, but I'm really looking forward to tinkering with this game.

Anonymous said...

um yeah it was me blaze and i am too young to even go to the printers

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Friendly...love your doodle guy in your banner!

Anonymous said...

First of all the game sounds really cool. I havn't played it yet but I think it will be fun. Can you please put me wizard in your next version?
Favorite Spell:Judgement
Goal: Get to Level 50 and to get all level 50 balance gear.
I know you kind of included balance in the game but not really. Balance doesn't copy other schools completely it draws from them to make there own spells. I'd really like it so balance does not copy any more and it has it's own spells.
Supernova(if can) Scorpion if not
Locustswarm if can Scarab if not
Last thing, sorry, I think it should be an option to choose your charachters. It won't really afect gameplay that much

4computer said...

Sry, I was the one who posted anonymously last time with A LOT of comments. My wizard name is Brandon Earthleaf. I made a google account to try to put my picture here. Not sure if that worked.

4computer said...

Hey Friendly I just did what you said and made some of my own original playing cards. It suprisingly wasn't that hard. I think it is almost exactly like yours except the sub title font which i couldn't figure out how to change and the bottom right hand corner which I also could not figure out. Anyways the four spells are
Power Nova
Locust Swarm
As i said in an earlier post i would like to have balance spell cards in the next version. If you want you can even use mine or at least look at them. My email is brandono49@cox.net

Diego said...
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stingite said...

Sorry, diego, I don't allow any account sharing information to happen here.

Thanks everyone for enjoying the TCG and messing around with it. :-)

Mina said...

do you think the game can still be played if i made a card of my wizards?... make them the same thing??

contact me at mina.qassab@hotmail.com
or at wizard101central: Max Wolf

thx Friendly u just made it better instead of imagining power pips and such :P

stingite said...

Heya! Happy Dueling could absolutely be played just the same with different cards. In fact, I give the link in the handout to where you can go to make those.

Alyshaya ® said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Friendly plz plz plz make me a card I love your site it's EPIC!
Here's the card:

Blaze Thundertalon
Storm School
Level 48
Favorite Saying: wow.
Favorite Spell: Tempest

Christopher Dragonfriend said...

How did you make the myth cards? I can't figure out how to make a card of myself with the link. As in, with the background.

Anonymous said...

Maybe as each level goes on, the power goes higher. And the wizard draws a different die for each level for pips. A card game will never be like the real game but this is definitely a start. For instance (Fire level 10 - 1000 DMG) (Fire level 20 - 2000 DMG) (Fire level 30 - 3000 DMG) and so on