Friday, April 30, 2010

Windows Into the Test Realm

Good to see so many entries in the Gobbler Raffle below! :-)

OK, so I snapped a few pictures of the help windows yesterday while I was in the Test Realm's Pet Pavillion. If you haven't been able to log in there (or just aren't subscribing right now), these might help you with understanding how things "work" in the new expansion.

There's going to be a loooooot of clicky clicky going on over there.

1- Hatchery Window (click on all these to make them bigger)

There are actually two dialogue boxes for this one feature in the game. Once you enter the hatchery with another person, you'll see a split screen where you'll have a chance to confirm that you want to go through with this expensive egg creation exercise. A lot of people seem to think that getting the message "your partner left" is a bug. It isn't (but it could probably be executed better or more explanatory). What it's telling you is that one of you doesn't meet the requirements to be there. You should go in with enough cash and an old enough pet, or you'll get kicked out.

2- mini-game window:

All mini-game windows operate pretty much in the same way. You'll want to click on the different worlds of the spiral to see which one will give your pet the correct stat gain. Always remember to go into these mini-games with a snack to feed your pet when you're done. It'll help boost your pet faster.

3- pet derby window:

This is another double window explanation. So for practice races, you'll get a handy join window, but for the real races, you won't get a window. It just matches you up automatically with other racers. Pressing on the up arrow and using the spacebar to duck and jump will be your new found fun in this patch. Also remember to click those four buttons that hold all your pets special derby abilities. Timing is everything on all the above mentioned clicky clicky fun. :-)

4- Snacks window:

Snacks work much like reagents do. In fact, you will actually get an opportunity to craft snacks (cooking yay!) in this update. Some snacks will be super yummy for your pet, some they'll tolerate, and from what I understand, so snacks are YUCKY for your pet. Pay attention to the wizard class type on the pet. :-)

Hope that helps with understanding some of the Window's you're going to see in the new expansion!

Happy Dueling!


Michael said...

Thanks for the help Friendly. I was thinking that it meant that one person didn't meet the requirements, but nobody will listen to me.

blaze duskblade said...

hey friendly its me here blaze i just joined the test realm right now plz congragulate me on central

blaze duskblade said...

and dosent the loading stink especially for mobs

smvb said...

Actually, it can be a bug. I went in with my daughter, and we both had adult pets, and had enough cash. The "player left" box came up, but we just ignored it and went ahead. We both got eggs. So while the intent may have been to tell you someone doesn't meet the requirements, it still shows up inappropriately sometimes.

Anonymous said...

THanks.BUT i still dont get something

How do you mix pets if you dont have 80 thousand gold

Heather Emeraldflame said...

I hadn't went on this past day, but what I saw the first day in the Hatchery was it telling me my partner left..BUT I had no partner to begin with. I was trying to make my own with two pets. They really needed to get rid of the little graphic that was in the middle of the screen when you enter by yourself. It's confusing. It makes it seem like you HAVE TO have a partner, even though the dialogue on the quest told you you could make one by yourself.

You really had to just ignore that graphic there.

So far I am not exactly impressed with the Hatchery. It seems like it just makes poor clones of what you had before. Then it costs a TON to do that. It would be easier/cheaper to go get a new pet

Blaze Silverfist said...

Hey buddy, I can't go on the test realm, as I'm not subbed. (I use crowns so I have the areas forever. ;D I haven't purchased any in a long time /shrug) But, that's a great reason to be friends with you! (There's obviously numerous others. :D) I was just wondering if the real derby races are for subbed players / cost crowns only. I hope not, so that I can actually be ranked and whatnot. :( unlike in pvp. (I don't really have the extra money to just go spend it on day-passes from Diego. XD

Also, will my dad (Elik) be selling the pet treats, or is there a treat vendor, or can we just realm-hop for them like reagents?

Thanks for your time, once again.