Monday, April 12, 2010

Flowchart to Win!

hehe. I found this old flowchart I made before Grizzleheim was released last year. I was mapping out what to do when you're post-50. (If I remade this now I think I'd add, "have you unlocked the Raven$?" as a block in the flowchart to win.)

(You may have to click on that to make it bigger.)

All success apparently ends in pets. I think I may have to chance that pet handler in free realms part to pet handler in Wizard101 soon! If I can teach my pet tricks in wizard101, that's going to ROCK.

ok, run around me mr. clockwork golem! Run around me! That's a good clockwork golem! Here's a nice oily spring treat for you!

Happy Dueling!


Shadowstalker said...


Amber GoldenEyes said...

"I lied about being level 50" LOL!

Heather Emeraldflame said...

LOL! Silly!

But, I would hope if they did that with pets in W101 that they can come up with a much better system than FR had when they first started. I mean it use to be soooo tedious to train pets on FR. Now the pets you get on there do all their tricks and you don't even really train them.In fact they pretty much destroyed the "trainer" job. I am happy I was one of the first, though, as it allowed me to keep some of the things they took away the whole "good thing" about the postman job, having a speed buff with the shoes you got when you completed the job(one of the reasons I stopped playing; they slowed everyone and everything down to a's like walking in quicksand on there now.) There should be some kind of "happy medium" with pet training. I don't know if you ever played FR when it began but it honestly was a better game back then, save for that pet training. It made no sense at all to have to draw the same shape a million times on your screen to see if you did it well enough for a pet to get trained properly. It really didn't account for things like; say a bit of dust or something getting into a laser mouse and making it go haywire. It was very, very touchy. And if you drew the shape all those times and by chance messed up once or twice then your pet would NEVER do the trick right once it reached 100% on any trick. And with the dogs there was one trick in particular(can't remember which) that was glitched and 99% of the time you would draw the shape and it failed you...or came very close to fail.

And, yes; one must finish GH, if you don't then you haven't really "finished" the game thus-far.But then there are so many other things one can do whether a Grand or not. All you gotta do is look around. I don't get people who are bored becasue they turned Grand and now "there is nothing to do." I still find lots to do with all mine, even when they are done questing.

Clockworks RULE BTW! ;-)

Edward said...

Friendly you make the Master Of Pet very sick, I dont want to be part of a group that orders pets order :( how very sad...

Taji34 said...

darn i reached a dead end. i got to the part where it asked about the sword collection, i don't have one but i am level 50! i can't go on! stupid flowchart

CD said...

I lost. Pretty bad too, i need to see a psych? First the skeletal pirate and now this. I'm changing your name into the necromancer :)

stingite said...

@shadowstalker: :-)

@Amber: ;-)

@Heather: FR has mounts now don't they? Can you use those in the mail quests? It's actually been a while since I played, but my son hopped on there the other day and seemed to still enjoy it. :-)

@Edward: silly pet master, tricks are for kids!

@Taji: try again, sir! Try again!

@CD: Let me know if you find a good psych. I think I need one as well. ;-)

CD said...

I'll let you know if i find a psych that survives. So far they all went completely nuts. The last one was standing on his desk, in underwear, singing the 12 days of Christmas (in april... nuts!), then his assistent comes in and looks at me like it's my fault.
I hope they don't have blacklists.

Calamity CrowSong said...

Haha this is hilarious XDDDDD

Stingite said...

@Calamity: LOL! I totally forgot this post existed until you commented on it again. Thanks!