Friday, April 2, 2010

The Art of the Dance and The Art of the Rant

The "Wizard Wiggle" as Leesha from Ravenwood Radio calls it, is our basic dance in Wizard101. That's all there is for the /dance emote. We also have a /clap emote where you do a little dance as well while clapping your hands.

Last year I made a little dance video down in Katzenstein's Lab featuring our dance moves. Check it out:

These are ok, and I had fun making that, yet in game I'm always left wanting more. I guess it's because of the other MMO games I've played where the dances are so awesome. In other MMO's each class or race usually has it's own specific dance.

Look at the amazing work that went into all these guild wars dances. It's actually awe inspiring how many cool dances there are here.

Next up is World of Warcraft, this one comes complete with source material thrown in:

And then there's Lord of the Rings . . . now these aren't really astounding or anything, but the thing to see here is that a character can learn different dances, no matter how slightly different they are:

And here we have the new game I've been dabbling in here, Fiesta. So uh, fast forward through 1:00 to about 1:10 unless you want to /blush.

The deal with Fiesta is that you can purchase new dance moves for your character through their store. You get a default dance move, and then for some money you can buy a few others; there are varieties available to you.

It wouldn't be a discussion of MMO dancing if we didn't throw the Grand daddy of them all in there . . . EQ . . .

UH, yeah . . I'm thinking this video is trying to showcase EVERYTHING ELSE in the game besides dancing . . . you'll notice the dancing sucks. Yeah . . . not fun, but EQ never was about the dancing, and that is so MOSTLY because I don't think they understood the behemoth of community. If they would have grasped that (and how could they? Ultima and EQ were pretty much the first on the block) I think they would have thrown in more /dance.

I'm sure there are plenty more examples out there, and the purpose of this list isn't to be an exhaustive examination. All I really want to say is . . . please, KI, this game does actually have a pretty deep community component to it. It's not always about playing the card game. All the modern MMOs try to inject this kind of fun into their game: we are not EQ or Ultima.

Don't you think it's about time that you gave us all some free content that DIDN'T cost crowns or gold or anything? Don't you feel like you could give the community a few more fun things that we didn't have to pay for?

And on a separate yet equally important community note: I've thought this game needed some party enhancers since the beginning . . . even Toon Town has parties with special activities you can do (be sure to check the dance party game at 3:00 minutes or so in while you're at it)


I think a death wizard should dance differently than an ice wizard. I think the boys should dance differently than the girls. I think we need FUN ENHANCERS for the community! Even if you decide to go the crown route like Fiesta where we buy new dances . . . at least we'd have more options and at least we'd have more community type of fun available to us.

So, who would love to see some more fun and (relatively free) community enhancers? Weigh in readers! I think you've heard me rant about stuff like this one time or another.

Now, KI, if you're reading, forget everything I just said and please finish Celestia . . . LOL . . . I'll forward this post to you all after the summer is over. :-)

Happy Dueling.


Anonymous said...


stingite said...

EQ has 16 expansions and nearly 400 zones to play in. There's a lot of cool zone names in that game! :-)

But it's their /dance that has always left much to be desired.

Blaze Silverfist said...

I would love to see more dance options availabe. I wouldn't like having to buy them though. I think that it should be like the Guild Wars one, where each school would have a different dance. That'd be fun.

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Wow, somehow missed this post...I must have been asleep in a cloud at my myth

Anyway, Friendly, I would also like to see a little more interactiveness(is this a word? in the game. Different dances for different schools would be cool...though the dancing thing in what is basically a RPG-fighting game always seems a little odd to me. I mean, especially with games like WoW, LOTRO...ya know like things that are supposed to be historically accurate, but with the fantasy twist. I mean, a knight back in the day kills his enemy and then jumps off his horse and dances like Michael Jackson or something. The only way I've ever seen anything like that really made to look kinda cool was with the movie A Knight's Tale. Not that there was a whole lot of dancing, but it gave you that "feel" with the music in it and made the knight seem like a more laid-back, modern guy that might just dance in his own victory.

Anyway, what I would love to see would be some kind of radio/boomboxes in FR, which when they pop out it makes everyone dance. It was kinda fun with that in the beginning because when they did that it was really random. Now it seems like that is ALL that game is about(and what else is there to do after you level your character in all the jobs to measly level 20 anyway?) I really don't like how FR has got where it's so many wall to wall people you can't even make out another character on there's too "noisy," makes it hard to even know who is who. The thing with a game like that is it really is more social-based than W101 was intended to be. I mean we socialize, but it wasn't intended in the same way.

I would also like to see interaction with furniture. Like ya know I got that piano at my party house...well, that thing cost a lot of gold, shouldn't someone be able to sit at it and play music? And, most especially with that carousel...I would love if people could come over and ride it...that would make it SO MUCH more worth all the gold,time and effort that went into that thing. And those huge tents; why can't we even go in them? This stuff took a lot to create, as you know, so there should be more that can be done with them. People should also be able to sit on chairs, lay in bed..or at least sit on it.It would be a lot like RL if you could invite friends over and let them sit down in your living room and chat.

But, yeah, I would like to see some changes to it, but personally I love the adventure of the game more than anything and I would hate if KI took their focus off making new worlds and turned it into only a social gaming site like FR really became.But if they could add in a few new social features now and then and still keep focus...then that would be sweet too!

Sorry this was so long, but you know how I can xD

Wolf MoonSinger said...

Hey Friendly,

You need to see this dancing video too. :)

Mike said...

Cool post, but forgot ddo dancing. they got some pretty wacky dances in that game. But wizard 101 SOOOO best's ddo.

Anonymous said...

World of Warcraft dances are the best haha