Sunday, April 11, 2010

Skillpoint Planner!

I'm probably the last one to notice this, but WOW this is a cool link from over at Central. Here's the thread so you can thank Icewolf properly (let him know I linked you there would ya'?). This is going to help ALL of Wizard101 so much! Nice work. Seriously.

I've added this link to my top links up there on the right of my blog.

This is an incredibly handy tool for Wizard101 players who are mapping their way to 50th level and plan on getting all their skillpoints.

Once you're done you can even share your "build" with all your friends by copying and pasting the resulting link after you're all done clicking it around.

Check it out! So awesome sauce!

Happy Dueling!


DeathRaven490 said...

Hi Thomas, this is Cody Shadowstrider, the former author of the duo of death, I was wondering if we could arrange a meeting on wizard 101, please reply on

Shadowstalker said...

OMG!! Love it!

Heather Emeraldflame said...

Yes, this may be even more helpful when Astral spells are added(assuming they will be added to the page) and then there is even more to figure out on how to plan one's training point spending :)

Grayson said...

Wow, TY for posting this Friendly.

P.S. I have a Storm/Death wizard that I'm running and I figured out that I can get all Death spells from Dworgyn, Death shield, Reshuffle, and Spirit blade/trap.

Anonymous said...

friendly on my poll you r family vs malistare and amborse won bye 10 votes

Anonymous said...

and i ean ambrose and mali

Anonymous said...

you know kingsisle was smart to make them 2nd schools because how many people are gonna be buying back their points!big bux $$$$$$$

stingite said...

@DeathRaven: That would be cool. just let me know.

@Shadowstalker: I know, right?! Awesome sauce.

@Heather: Hopefully!

@Grayson: You're welcome!

@Anon: haha, wow, pretty close! That's better than I thought I'd do!

I'm going to have a little faith that KI will give a free point refund or approach it differently. Cross your fingers.

Icewolf said...

Thanks for adding the tool to your link list, and even if I am a bit inactive at the moment, I still follow wizard101 closely and will try to add any new spells to the tool