Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why is there no balance shield or balance prism?

Our esteemed Cassandra has a conundrum for us today!
Hello again, my famous friendly friend.
I have been wondering this for some time.
In the Balance school info, they say that balance has a bit of every spell.
A balance Shield(80% less balance damage) and a balance prism
Why do you think that is so?

Thanks for answering!

Ahhh, I see what you're getting at. All the other classes get to rub shoulders with good ol' Sabrina Greenstar, sitting there all smug with her awesome level 45 Dragonspyre staff, but not you.

There's just no balance love from Sabrina, is there? Nope.

And prisms? No wai! Alzahred thinks not.

(And he thinks not in purple word balloons, that's awesome!)

But you want to know why? Why? *head explodes* That's like Dexter being asked What's the Purpose of Meaning!

However, I would like to believe that Kingisle built this unresistable class with the future in mind. Perhaps there is more than just weakness and tower shield in your future, fine balance wizard friends. Perhaps somewhere down the road a new class would be instituted in the game that was the opposite of balance! As Sierra coins in the comments there (which is much better than my big word I use): Chaos magic! *A million 1v1 balance pvp'ers are heard screaming in the distance NOOoooooooo!* MUHAHAHA . . . your reign of terror would then be over balance wizards!!! MUAHAHAHAHA.

But really, I have no idea.

Professor Greyrose also has these wise words to say about balance:


The Balance of Balance

The Magic of Balance is harmony and finding equality in all things. It draws on elements from all of the other schools, incorporating bits and pieces of those other energies to fill in the spaces between those schools. It has heals like Life, minions like Myth, curses like Death and elemental damages.

The Balance spells aren't the most accurate or the most powerful, but the reason they are interesting and different is because they don't have easy counters. Much like Mr. Miyagi's Crane technique, one of the benefits of Balance is that there is no defense against it.

Balance Wizards have a little bit of everything, which allows them to surpass most monster resistances, heal themselves a little bit, and buff players. One of the best advantages to Balance is it has the ability to change the rules of the game by giving PIPs, increasing PIP chance, reshuffling, and altering the accuracy and damage of teammates and opponents.


Happy Dueling!


Alex Deathshade said...

there should be a balance shield but would that be like all the other balance blades and traps? they boost all spells so shouldn't the shield protect them from all attack?

Drakkis_Dragonia said...

Lets think of this. Balance is balance of of all schools yet we get only our spells plus some that are fire, ice, and storm. So where is the rest of the balance. There should be a balance shield but that would cause problems. Sure they would stop all spells but then it would be useless cuz all other players would have to do is use a wand spell then its gone.

witchwarrior said...

Thanks for trying to answer.
No school shield I can understand, but NO PRISM?! That's still not fair for Balance! DX