Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where do I get simple vials, stone blocks, and death gear recipes?

Wildrose has a question for us:
I was wondering well I really wanna know where the best place to find a siple vale and stone blocks/ Money to buy them for my crafting quest also where can i find a recipe vender who sells stuff for deaths wizards??? (I'm death level 37)

Hi Wildrose! It sounds like you want to know where to get a simple vial? You buy those at a vendor in Krokotopia for 40 gold each. This guy right here sells them:

His name is Al Saf'wan and he looks mean, but he's really quite quiet. I do like his book collar he's wearing in that picture. I want a book collar like that.

It also sounds like you're searching for stone blocks as well. You can find those all over the place from Krokotopia to Dragonspyre. This thread at central is one that I've contributed to before. You'll find all kinds of good information about where to find those crafting Reagents. At level 37 . . . hmmm. Knights Court might give you an opportunity to get some scrap metal while you're farming stone blocks.

Keep in mind that the best way to farm reagents is to run a path that's rich with nodes, jump to a new server, and run the path backwards, jump to a new server, and wash rinse repeat until you've gone through all the available servers.

The last part of your question seems to be asking about who sells good recipes for death wizards. Here's a short list of them for you:

1- Mortis, the death tree in Nightside--he sells all your treasure cards.
2- Zam Fir in the Karanahn Barracks of Krokotopia
3- Darcy Holdstock on the Scotland Yard Roof in Marleybone
4- Yao Fan in the Ancient Burial Grounds of Moo Shu
5- Nada Sunderblade in the Necropolis of Dragonspyre

The best place to find all the vendors of all crafting recipes is this thread at central.

Hope that helps with your crafting endeavors!

Happy Dueling!


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