Friday, December 4, 2009

My Family's Screenshots from Test Realm Yesterday

Pictures are worth 1,000 words, right? My family snapped like 25,000 words for y'all.

Two things will distract you immediately, the mana and health globes now look flat and boring. No one that I talked to liked those new mana and health globes. /shrug I think (I hope) we all can agree on that.

This next part, I know this will cause friendly disagreement, but here are my rankings:

-Tied for first place are the Myth and Ice houses

First up, is ICE! (You can click those pictures below to make them bigger.) Dear designer/artist/team who put a gobbler frozen in ice in this house: That'll do, pig. That'll do. Very very happy with everything that is the ice house. Seriously, it's epic in there. You win.

Next up is Myth. Once again, designer who built this masterpiece of floating bricks, rainbow bridges, coliseum, and general awesomeness, well freaking done.

-Tied for second place are Life and Storm!

First up, Life. KI, you guys made my daughter very happy with her house. I was kicked off the computer as she ran around the amazing space. The butterflies and play of light here are excellent touches. The ramps of levels between the floors in the tree make the place seem huge. Nicely done.

Next is storm. Seriously, this place is epic. EPIC! The inside is full of built in aquariums from the raging sea outside. The master bedroom is beautifully done, complete with a storm shark pet swimming anxiously outside. Designers/Artists/Team give yourselves a round of applause for this house.

Taking Third Place is the Balance House.

I can't describe this house as good as Tipa does. (Actually, Tipa really breaks into character on her post and describes them all very well . . . you should read her post.) I do believe this was her #1 favorite house out of them all. The judgment statue cracking out of the ground below is VERY Very stinking cool. The inside reminds me a lot of the temple of storms in Krokotopia. Once again well done.

- Tied for last place IMHO are the Fire House and the Death House. (Winces from the thrown shoes and tomatoes) SORRY! They are all awesome, but after walking through the amazing designs of all the other houses, these don't hold a candle to them.

The fire house is just amazingly hot! Everywhere is fire on the outside. The outside is energetic and beautiful. It's the inside that feels lacking. It's just a tower and a few HUGE rooms. It's the designs of furniture from players that will make this house awesome.

The death house is really fun on the outside, just like the fire house. You have the haunted angry furnace, eerie mist, the old broken down pool, the mausoleum entryway . . . but where's the graveyard? Yes, I know I just said mausoleum entryway, but where's the graveyard? Player built will work here i guess. The inside? Well, there certainly is a great staircase and a lot of square rooms around the two floors. /scratches head.

As I said on Twitter when I was kindly reprimanded by Mythspent Youth for my ranking choice (she's sure to have something good up on her blog in the next two days about the death house--you'll want a second opinion here), I guess I was just expecting something more like The Winchester Mystery House. You know, stairways that lead nowhere, rooms inside rooms, maze-like qualities, i.e., CHAOS! When I step inside the death house, do I want a Victorian or do I want an alternate dimension of wood and nails . . . I'm reminded a lot of a less epic Luigi's mansion. Sorry. This is going to be another one of those houses that the players will make great with their designs.

Here's a video walkthrough that our good friend Stephanie Morrow loaded to Youtube last night.

Sorry if my expectations are too high here! /ducks

. . . and now I'm late to work . . . EEP!

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

If you like outdoor spaces go with Myth, there's a big flat lawn you could build a baseball diamond on. Or a Quiddich field.

The Fire house was worst of the lot for me, pretty plain compared to the rest. Although the Firecat Alley style walls did seem to glow.

jesse ^_^ said...

I liked the life and myth houses the most. ^_^ ehh on ice house to much frozen everything.

Jessica said...

I ceand life are my favorites. Storm, I like the aquarium thing.

Anonymous said...

My fave is probably Storm! I love the amount of sea life and how the house rises from under the ocean! I have to point out though.. There must be some disappointed artists at KingsIsle from being called Designers though. :)

John DreamWalker said...

i agree with your ranking except that i would switch ice and life. the ice house has an incredible exterior but the interior was lacking for me. the forest walkers surrounding the exterior of the life house was a very nice touch.

panglou said...

personaly, i liked them all alot, now i qill feel jelous that i wont be able to have one for along time lol. THE ANGSITY!

Sierra Starsong said...

Housing previews are more like an open house now, lots of other wizards checking it out at the same time. I hope they do that with regular house previews too, it's a nice touch.

Elijah Stormheart said...

Noooooo fair. I don't have a subscription. So I don't get to preview it. AT ALL. :(

PS: Friendly, look at the PM I sent you on Central, and please answer with a yes or no. :P

Alia Lotuspetal said...


But I have to admit, Myth was TOTTALLY AWESOME!

I can't wait to get into the test realm tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

I know the fire house was last... and i am a fire student... but it is the decorator that matters, not the decor.

Cheats and Crackers said...

Actually, the fire house has a lot more depth than meets the eye. For instance, if you go inside and take an immediate right, it will take you down to the basement, where there is a huge room where you're below lava!
In another room there is a portal that takes you to the very top attic which is inaccessible otherwise, with a giant fireball in the middle. I love the fire house!

jesse ^_^ said...

seeing the houses een more and all the angles I say my most favorite is the myth house the most I got to say myth house so far is the best really nice. a large plain grass which is good if your planning on having alot out door stuff and statues like me ^_^ so if I had to buy a house I would pick myth as my favorite one.... lol 2nd being life and storm 3rd.

Statipo said...

Anyway, I have some tips with the death house lighten I mean "darken" the place up:
Put a bunch of gravestones and bones on one side of the house like a cemetary then to the side and make a spooky tree. Also, get an open (or closed) furnace int the basement. That's all I can think of.

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

I looove all the houses, but I have to say life takes first for me, with myth in second, and storm and balance tied for third. If you check out my blog, you can see how I decorated my life house.

The Infamous Super Death Wizard said...

I agree with your rankings, compared to all the other houses, the Fire and Death ones seem to be left out.

stingite said...

Love all the comments on this thread, everyone!

I hope no one takes my choices too personally. I agree with the anon poster that said "it is the decorator that matters." That will be the most telling part of these houses in the end.

David T. said...

Yeah I am the not so well known pyromancer David T. Anyway I need to ask you a favor. On me and my cousins website I started a petition for kingsisle to make the fire house better and bigger because as you said it took last in coolness. Please either respond to this question or comment on......

Thanks and have a Merry Christmas (or hanukah or kwanza(?))

alex deathshade said...

the death house is awesome and it has a swimming pool!
the fire one is disappointing.